Radcliffe Town Centre
Planit-IE is leading on Radcliffe's public realm strategy

Revised Radcliffe masterplan tipped for sign-off

Dan Whelan

Proposals for a new civic hub in the town centre, including offices, leisure and retail, are awaiting approval by Bury Council following a six-week consultation that resulted in amendments to the plans unveiled in June.

Under the draft Radcliffe Strategic Regeneration Framework, drawn up by planning consultancy Deloitte Real Estate, the town centre would be transformed into a mixed-use civic hub. There would also be improvements to the existing Radcliffe Piazza and an expansion of the Market Hall, and the Market Chambers building would be repurposed to provide flexible working space.   

Following the public consultation, plans to add another level to the car park at the town’s Asda supermarket have been scrapped and a secondary school has been added as a strategic policy in the draft SRF.   

The proposals also include the creation of a new public services hub building and a leisure facility. 

Landscape architect Planit-IE has been appointed to consult on public realm improvements to the piazza, Blackburn Street and other key routes.  

Meanwhile, several sites have been earmarked for residential development within the Radcliffe area, including the East Lancashire Paper Mill site, which already has outline consent for 400 homes. 

A site next to the Millwood Primary Special School has also been earmarked for new housing, with the potential for 90 new homes. 

A full housing delivery plan, as well as a parking strategy for the town centre, is expected to be drawn up at a later date.  

The council’s cabinet is expected to approve the latest draft of the framework when it meets next week.

The document follows the development of previous town centre projects in Bury, including the arrival of a Lidl supermarket, the relocation of the bus station and the expansion of the Dunelm call centre. 

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So where is our new swimming pool and civic center as promised plus tthe new school has a massive prtentil on old radcliffe high school could be built further back like elton high school were plenty of car spaces and disabled parking as the site is been left in such a state that it needs life brining back to our town time to do now not just say it people of radcliffe pay to bury counsil and see nothing in return just 6 charity shops and so many takeaways no wonder the kids are getting bigger time to stop take aways and more shops like clothes shops for baby clothes also kids up to 10 and shoe shops as you for get not everyone drives and able to get on a bus ubut can get down on their scooters ño one has thought about the elderly or disabled people 1 bank so we have nothing realy lidil is not as busy as asda
Time for our people to say what we want in our community

By Louise wilson

Radcliffe is a desolute forgotten town in urgent need of regeneration, the centre needs massive investment with help for small businesses, even the charity shops are closing down its gotten that, bad, ok if you vape or need a haircut but no proper shops,butchers, fruit and vegetables, shoe shops, you have to go to bury, we haven’t even got a secondary school its disgusting,

By Phillip jones

Proper leisure facilities shops etc needed not more housing.radcliffes already grid locked enough.how many schools you putting in place to cater for this lot

By R Robinson

I live in Radcliffe and no questionnaire has been posted to my home. Although the plan is supposed to have been acceptable. There is little new. Brownfill land at East lances site was always on proposal as it was supposed to have housed a new secondary school development? Then in partnership with private development housing? It appears from a small map posted that there will be no new road directive proposed. At peak times Radcliffe becomes extremely congested with traffic! All these new houses will of course be able to join the frustrated quese ferrying themselves and there children through Radcliffe to other schools and themselves to work? Country side pleasures will be lost, although many have found pleasure in walking through Radcliffe and Bury around the canal and Elton tax area. Many comments made or I didn’t know that this was here! Also why spend more money on an already updated market. Reasonable fees would help to retain the retailers that used to be there! We’re are/ is the new swimming pool . School etc ? It appears that Dale st will be pedestrian and therefore. The centre of town will become less easy to find


Tottington High School , last year or year before maybe,, canvassed in Radcliffe primary schools for children to attend their school. Just saying .

By Philip Rushmere

This is a half-baked plan, drawn up by people who do not know Radcliffe. What the council’s plan is will not work and is just designed to shut the people of Radcliffe up. This plan will make an absolute mess of Radcliffe, not regenerate it.

By Mary Walsh

I haven’t seen any questionnaire posted to my home in Radcliffe so I wonder who has been contacted and who has been approving the plans?

By Vasu

Has anyone ever visited Radcliffe town centre. I went there about 10 times last year for physio on a whiplash claim I had. Half the shops are empty, the market looks bad, just all the place looks depressing and I thought Salford precinct was bad. This town centre needs help like all town centres. I went to Bolton town centre shopping a few weeks ago on a Saturday afternoon with family and walked down the main shopping street towards the Bolton town hall and Victoria Square and half the shops had “to let” signs on and the shutters down and there was poor homeless people everywhere in Bolton.. Town centres are dying because of big retail parks with FREE PARKING with loads of different shops on them with a few lovely restaurants as well. I also went to bury town centre last month on a Saturday afternoon and that was depressing. Half the shops had “to let” and had the shutters down. Most people in bury all go to the ROCK shopping centre now which was built next to the old tatty shopping centre. While in bury at the ROCK, my son was in a sports shop(mentioning no shop name) and they didn’t have his size for a tracksuit top, so one off the staff said to us “our other branch has got it in his size and it’s a 5 minutes walk away to our other store on the retail park” . So off we walked to this retail park I didn’t know existed and after 5 minutes we reached woodfields retail park with a big superstore, lots of shops on it and also the sports shop we wanted. The point is this is why all town centres are dying.. Middlebrook retail park, woodfields retail park, the fort shopping centre (cheetham hill) etc etc all offer free parking with a few lovely restaurants to eat in as well. Also internet shopping delivered to your front door. That’s it.

By Darren born bred.

Radcliffe town centre is in need of desperate regeneration. Shop fronts all with shutters down. Bury council should have not let it get like this.

By Regular northerner.

Regeneration in Radcliffe must be a priority. It’s a eyesore of a town

By Bobby

Town centres are going downhill. It must be internet shopping, why go out when you look online, it’s safer, and get it delivered to your address.

By John