Springfield Gardens 2, Step Places, Liverpool P.BDP Via Planning Docs
The scheme is laid out over nine plots across the six-acre site. Credit: BDP via planning documents

Revamp of former Alder Hey Hospital site tipped for approval 

Dan Whelan

Developer Step Places wants to create a mixed-use community called Springfield Gardens that features 248 homes for a range of different occupiers. 

The Knotty Ash project is to be constructed on a 6.4-acre site off Eaton Road that was occupied by Alder Hey Hospital before its relocation to nearby Springfield Park in 2015. 

The old hospital buildings were demolished and Step Places was appointed to redevelop the site in 2019, following a competition run by Alder Hey Hospital Trust. 

Step Places’ scheme, designed by BDP, is laid out over nine plots. 

  • Plot one: A quartet three to five-storey apartment blocks comprising 102 properties, with around 10,000 sq ft of commercial space on the ground floor and 66 additional studio flats for NHS staff 
  • Plot two: A 52,000 sq ft NHS Trust office building 
  • Plot three: Eight townhouses 
  • Plot four: 12 apartments for people with autism 
  • Plot five: Six townhouses 
  • Plot six: Nine townhouses 
  • Plot seven: Nine townhouses 
  • Plot eight: Nine townhouses 
  • Plot nine: 27 retirement apartments 

Gerald Eve is the planning consultant for the development. Civic Engineers, WSP, McKee Associates, RJD Associates, SK Transport, Anderson Associate and RBA make up the project team. 

Liverpool City Council’s planning committee is to consider the application next week. Officers have recommended it be approved subject to conditions. 

The proposals have proven controversial with some Knotty Ash residents. A petition to block the project has garnered more than 2,000 signatures at the time of writing. 

The objectors claim that they had been promised that the former hospital site would be redeveloped into a park. 

Springfield Gardens 5, Step Places, Liverpool P.BDP Via Planning Docs

Credit: BDP via planning docs

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This respectable area of Liverpool is dominated by somewhat bland suburban semi-detached housing and needs more variety, which this development can bring.
The new Alder Hey Hospital is à striking modern design, and this new scheme will sit well alongside it.

By Anonymous

Good development,, strong opposition from nimbys . Liverpool needs more quality homes this development in a nice area , needs to go ahead

By George

Looks nice. I love the use of greenery.

By Elephant

It must not be forgotten that the relocation of the Alder Hey facility on to Springfield Park was accepted on the principle that a new park to replace the one lost would be created on the footprint of the old hospital site.

This is not Nimbyism sentiment!!!! but previous agreements cannot be allowed simply to be erased after the event.

A park was lost and a park must replace it.

Green space and general wellbeing of the populace needs to be prioritised


Excellent news with new quality homes and jobs for the area.

By David

A ‘nice looking’ development riddled with design flaws and wholly inappropriate within the context of West Derby. The development will cripple local highway infrastructure and overload local roads with those seeking parking due to the under-provision within the scheme. The design of the scheme is insensitive to the surrounding area and will provide limited quality amenity space for future residents. This site provided an excellent opportunity for sensitive and high-quality development – an opportunity sadly missed!

By Anonymous

Brilliant news. Lets get building!

By David

I agree with IR sentiments, this seems to have passed almost under the radar, the last time a plan for houses in this location was presented there was an uproar and rightly so, has COVID and the need for open space been forgotten already? The premise of building a new hospital on parkland was it would be given back, another false promise by a poorly led council.

By Anonymous

I used to play football on the pitches that were pulverised by the new hospital.
The council built a shelter in the park for the local children to use then a couple of years later they put a great big hospital on top of it.
There is no where for the local kids to play sports any more because someone stuck a giant hospital on top of their public park.

By paulnation

In response to IR above, the green land Is being replaced as promised …this development is on former brownfield land

By George

In response to George the park was built on green belt, knowing full well that brownfield would have to be utilised to replace the now built on greenbelt, like for like hectares!! The hospital was required, and people understood that, but to be now be hoodwinked is disgraceful, This is theft.

By Anonymous

This park is the only decent one I can get to on foot. Parks need to be spacious for visitors to really benefit. We need to protect Springfield from this. Rathbone Park already sold off. When does it stop?

By Anonymous

Absolute disgrace that you are building this monstrosity on land that, on the original plans was to be given back to the community. The park, if this goes ahead, will only serve as an outlook for the new residents housed in this development. The parking and infrastructure in this area are already horrendous. Disgraceful decisions and will be fought all the way by our community.

By Mark Morgan

No. Stop building cardboard boxes and calling them homes !!! Put the park back that was promised.

By Anonymous

The land was promised to be developed back into park land and it should be

By A Hall

Totally object to this proposal. Use the abandoned NHS property off Mill Lane (former Olive Mount hospital site) we lack enough green space as it is. I’m also sure that with every house, studio and apartment you will get at least one car owner or more per property. Also, probably a rich builder or investor who will be leaseholders.

By Colette Basley

Not to say the new development won’t add drivers to the local roads, but to say parking is already a problem?
Literally open Google maps up on satellite view and you can see it’s not crammed and if it does get more so at different times/overnight…..well there’s a lot of front driveways not being utilised.

By Anonymous

As a west derby resident we were told that no matter what we would get our park back as it was taken to improve the hospital which would benefit Merseyside if it was up dated. But like every local authority they won’t keep their promise where money is involved and money talks. It won’t matter how many people sign the petition the plan will still go through. How many more green spaces and parks are going to be taken for the sake of building houses. I know we need more accommodation to cover our expanding population, but trying to park or even get off our own driveways is a nightmare. I know people think we are moaners but just imagine if this was on their doorstep, how would they feel. Next it could be Sefton park or Calderstones park.

By Ann

I understood they built the new hospital on the old park and that the old hospital site would be used for a replacement park. Talk about a sell out!

By Anonymous

Was the consultation process, done whilst in the grips of a pandemic thus preventing the people of West Derby having a voice, it feels like it has, this is not what was promised when all the locals agreed to a hospital being built unusually on greenbelt/existing park, stopping amateur football, removing the old concrete football pitch and bowling green, outdoor sports for various ages! Still not yet replaced!! This feels like all politicians try to do and bury news under worse news so it is missed or forgotten, I agree with other people we want our park back. COVID has made everyone appreciate outdoor spaces more than ever before. This needs to be fought with all our might

By Anonymous

a very welcome high quality addition to Liverpool and the north west! stop complaining people – quality housing stock, much improved landscape and park – what’s not to like

By yes

A green space was promised after the relocation of the hospital…but it looks like the developers have won again….as varied and desirable this new site will be….it is demonstrably NOT what was scheduled !

By Tercol

Is there going to be an astro pitch for children to play football?

By Linda Craven