Rice Lane Site Walton
The site previously housed a social club for British Rail workers

Residential plotted for Walton site 

Dan Whelan

Applicant Rice Estates wants to build 60 homes off Rice Lane in Walton, Liverpool, close to the Queens Drive flyover. 

Plans for the one-acre site have now been submitted to Liverpool City Council.

Falconer Chester Hall has designed the scheme, which features seven three-bedroom townhouses and 53 apartments within a four-to-two-storey block. Of the apartments 32 would have one bedroom and 21 would have two bedrooms. 

The site is currently vacant but was previously occupied by a social club for British Rail staff who worked at the nearby Walton-on-the-Hill railway station, which closed in 1968.   

Under the plans, the site would be accessed via Denbigh Road, a small residential street, off Rice Lane. 

Currently, Denbigh Street ends abruptly at a set of gates to the site but, according to the proposals, the street would be extended to accommodate the seven townhouses.

The apartment block would be built on the opposite side of the extended Denbigh Street, taking up the majority of the plot.

The planning consultant for the project is Zerum, with Turley engaged as heritage consultant.

Rice Estates is headed up by Robert Issler. 

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Predicting refusal from LCC followed by a scathing review of the decision by PINS and allowed on appeal. That’s the way planning is done in Liverpool it seems.

By Anonymous

The view from this building will showcase the majestic movement of Liverpool vehicles as they daintily traverse the world-renown royal icon that is Queens Drive flyover.

By Liverpool Romance

Hows this for a scenario traffic waiting to access the Denbigh Road development, because South bound traffic onto the fly over roundabout will not give way. Will then grid lock the rest of the traffic in the single lane for the North bound traffic coming off the fly over roundabout. Similarly traffic wishing to exit Denbigh Road will be waiting an eternity to exit into this grid locked Rice Lane. Then they have the added inconvenience of two close by super markets traffic to contend with.

By Diogenes

I live in Denbigh road like to see the plans for this site thanks

By Mrs lane