Greatstone Hotel Stretford
The hotel has been operating since the 1960s

Resi plotted for ‘unviable’ Stretford hotel 

Dan Whelan

The Greatstone Hotel, next to the grade two-listed Gorse Park entrance on Chester Road, could be demolished to make way for 69 apartments, under outline plans submitted by the hotel’s owner Dowd & Company. 

The hotel has been operating since the 1960s but the owners believe it is no longer a viable venture due to a lack of modern facilities and the arrival of alternative operators such as Airbnb and other budget or boutique hotels, according to the planning statement. 

Dowd & Company has therefore lodged outline plans for an L-shaped residential block comprising six-storeys and a mix of one- and two-bedroom apartments. There will be one three-bedroom flat on the top floor of the block, which has been designed by Pozzoni Architecture. 

At present, the site houses two Victorian-style villas – one is currently used as the hotel and the other as a family annexe. A total of seven of the proposed apartments will be designated as affordable. 

Savills is the planning consultant for the project and SCP Transport is the transport consultant. 

Heritage consultant Williams Conservation Surveying carried out an assessment of the surrounding area as a statutory requirement as the development site is located close to three grade two-listed buildings and other structures. 

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Is there a beach nearby? Just what is there to do around there?

By L5 alive

These are stunning historic building examples fringing Gorse Hill Park. There must be a way of embedding them into the proposals.

By Local

@L5 alive…er…MUFC, Trafford Centre, Trafford Park, Manchester CC 3 miles away….

By Allotmentlad2

@L5 alive: I think the fact Old Trafford is about 5 minute’s walk away!

This is a pleasant building and should be retained. The new development round here is soulless and awful.

By Observer

Yeah, there’s no chance a hotel would work within half a mile of the two Old Traffords is there?

By Bob Allatt

All the new buildings have no character just boxes to make money I’m ready to move

By Kissoon

Six storey is out of keeping with the immediate local area and would change the visual impact from the park which is a protected green space and also overlook the school grounds which raises safeguarding issues.
3 storey in line with the existing construction would be more appropriate.

By Lucinda Peart

pity its got so many memories
But the family know best
Goodbye and thanks for memories

By Malcolm ryan

Focusing on greed from max number of units should be challenged. Traff/Manc needs 3 bed housing not more 1bed units which aren’t shifting. This should be a planning condition to encourage families given close proximity to park, schools, sports centre etc. No more 1 bed flats. Less short termism and more community centred policy
Bring in rent control Trafford!!

By Akl

Could the building be kept and converted into apartments? It is such an attractive property.and has parking at rear.

By Philomena Dolan

Sad news but fully understand the situation. Such great nights in the club over many years. Good luck Adrian.

By Steve Plant

Stop destroying beautiful buildings and replacing them with ugly boxes under the guise of providing housing.

By Sally-Ann Glover

It is part of the history and heritage of Manchester United, another iconic building to be flattened in the name of so called progress. It has always been a great place to park and meet up on match days, with fans from every part of the country. So many memories!

By Kevin Burston

Gutted if this went, its an iconic and amazing place and where people have gone for drinks / dancing for years

By michelle

Who ever owns this and wants to turn it into rubble is a philistine. People with no taste are a waste of space and damn destructive to cultural and aesthetic capital of the UK.

By Richard

I travel to this hotel from Chesterfield for music nights. Whilst understanding it may not be viable as a pub could it not be remodelled as a music venue. The ladies toilets are fabulous a step back in time.

By Hilaryfarnsworth

Get rid of it its a dirty place and falling down it should be modonised flats would be great

By Lesly

It’s a shame to go. Any history on it please.looks Victorian .bet it can tell about past people.

By BBarlow

Stayed there once big mistake glad it’s closed. Best pull it down before it falls down. Eyesore. Build decent flats.

By Lawrence