Renaker Phase Two And Three Greengate February 2020 Salford Committee
The next tower to be delivered is the one coloured green on the image

Renaker builds Greengate momentum 

Dan Whelan

With the core of the 50-storey Colliers Yard already rising out of the ground, the developer is eyeing a start on the second building within its three-tower Salford cluster, a 42-storey skyscraper. 

Renaker, which is delivering the Greengate scheme through its AQ Investments subsidiary, has lodged a building control application for the project.

A public consultation is to launch “in the not-too-distant future”, the company told Place North West.

The tower is to be constructed on plot C, bounded by Collier Street, Boond Street and Trinity Way to the north of the site, close to Anaconda Cut, another Renaker project. 

Salford City Council granted outline consent for a 42-storey building on the plot last year. 

The tower is to comprise between 420 and 444 apartments.

A detailed planning application for the scheme is currently being drawn up, Renaker said. 

Colliers Yard, Renaker, Salford

Colliers Yard is under construction

Initially, the plan was that the plot C tower would be constructed last of the three but the phasing of the scheme has now changed. The phasing tweaks mean that the tower fronting Trinity Way is to be delivered next, followed by a 41-storey block on Queens Street, next to Colliers Yard. 

Colliers Yard, the tallest of the three towers, comprises 559 apartments and started on site last summer. 

Renaker was granted £37.5m from the GM Housing Investment Loans Fund for Colliers Yard late last year. 

The wider Greengate project, designed by OMI Architects, will feature more than 1,500 homes when complete. 

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Good on ’em. The build quality is fantastic on these towers.

By Cheshire boy

It’s going to get very dark and windy round here

By Cc

I wish they’d do something different with the tops of these towers – something on the lines of the Chrysler building. They nearly all look to be just sliced off above the top floor.

By MP3

Great news, hopefully Careys Residence will get completed soon and this cluster will look fab.

By Meeseeks

Great news this. Anyone know when one Heritage is meant to start? All gone very quiet.

By Bob

This cluster will be a great balance to the Manchatten cluster going up on the other side of the city centre. The Heritage tower looks like the best design though so I hope that goes ahead too. When last I heard they’d appointed Laing Orouke as contractor, that was at the beginning of lockdown so we might see some movement there soon hopefully.

By Simon

I hope they do something with the squalid area around Strangeways. That entrance to the city does Manchester no favours.

By Elephant

I like these designs, but a great theatrical impediment on the top would indeed give these towers more character, and of course add greatly to the cost which I guess is why they don’t do it. Still with a little design flair and some imagination I’m sure something different could be done. I think I remember the render for that 55 story one from the Hong Hong consortium looking a bit more ‘designed’.

By Saracen

There’s already a tower in Manchester with a great daft thing on top. It makes a whistling sound.

By Anonymous