Pothole Repairs At Sefton Park.
The funding will be used to make crucial upgrades while fewer people are using public transport

Region to get £244m for road improvements

Dan Whelan

The North West will receive a share of a £1.7bn Government transport package, to fill 1.5m potholes, install priority bus lanes and undertake other improvements to make journeys “quicker, smoother and safer”, according to roads minister Baroness Vere. 

The Department of Transport Fast also announced that it would fast track UK construction works worth £175m, to ensure that crucial repairs are made to road and rail networks while fewer people are using public transport.

Transport for the North welcomed news of the funding. Chief executive Barry White said: “This investment needs to support the country’s economic recovery and help level up infrastructure so that our people and businesses can get around as they need to.  

“Our members have made clear that crystal clear communication and extreme caution will be the watchwords throughout this critical time as we head towards a new normal. 

“This package of measures and others made recently should be seen as just the start of what needs to be a fully funded move towards levelling-up our national transport network to provide the best possible chance of economic recovery.” 

Speaking at a press briefing yesterday, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps reiterated his message to the public that it has a “civic duty” to avoid public transport where possible. 

He said: “If you can’t walk or cycle but you do have access to a car, please use it.” 

Meanwhile, Greater Manchester mayor Andy Burnham took aim at central Government over a shortfall in emergency transport funding for the city region, while Transport for London received a £1.7bn bailout. 

Burnham tweeted his reaction to the news, which came after London Mayor Sadiq Khan warned that the capital’s underground service could run out of money. Bunrham has repeatedly called for more funding to support Metrolink. 

Greater Manchester’s light rail network has seen a dramatic reduction in revenue due to reduced passenger numbers during lockdown. 

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Anyone would think that Manchester was the capital of the north. God forbid mentioning Liverpool.

By Hissy McPrissy

Please start by filling the potholes

By Chris

Grant Shapps message is backwards there – he should be urging people to be transport health heroes by making journeys under 5 miles by active travel modes, wherever possible. Using a negative in relation to walking/cycling makes it too easy for people to make excuses. He “expects” councils to provide safe active travel infrastructure, so let’s get on with it!

By Active Travel Trev


By Michael McDonut