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Redrow beats three to Oldham’s Counthill regeneration site

Redrow Homes has been picked as construction partner to redevelop the former Counthill school site in Oldham, beating three rival bidders.

Oldham Council approved Redrow Homes as its developer for the site at a cabinet meeting on 18 September.

The housebuilder beat rival bidders Barratt, Countryside Properties, and Willmott Partnership Homes to the project, according to council minutes.

Barratt had proposed to build 94 homes at the site, with 27 detached homes, 36 semi-detached homes and 31 townhouses, with prices ranging from £183,000 to £280,000; while Countryside’s bid included 56 detached and 22 semi-detached homes, priced between £184,000 and £290,000.

Willmott Parternship Homes’ proposals included 45 detached houses, 32 semi-detached houses and six mews properties, with prices ranging between £130,000 and £285,000.

Redrow’s winning bid will see the company build 50 detached and 10 semi-detached homes on the site, with 38 four-bed homes and 22 three-bed homes. Sale prices will be between £200,000 and £315,000.

The housebuilder is due to start on site early next year, with Redrow also providing highway improvements to Haven Lane and Counthill Road, alongside parking for the nearby Waterhead Academy sports hall, as part of the project.

The site was earmarked for development in 2014.

Cllr Jean Stretton, leader of Oldham Council, said: “We are committed to making the borough a place where people want to live, work and do business in so we are delighted Redrow Homes share our vision and are on board as our development partner.

“The firm is one of the biggest housebuilders in the country and over the years it has produced high quality and sustainable homes at sites across the UK.

“These principles match our hopes of creating a flagship neighbourhood in a location where people will be attracted to live.

“As part of their bid Redrow Homes committed to creating apprenticeship positions and using local suppliers and subcontractors, so as our construction partner, they will be helping the local economy grow.”

Steve Greenhalgh, managing director for Redrow Homes (Lancashire), added:

“As well as providing much needed, high quality new homes in a fantastic location, the new development will also bring significant community and economic benefits.

“These include a raft of new apprenticeships as well as work for local subcontractors and suppliers. We’re keen to begin construction early next year.”

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How many new affordable homes are being built across Oldham? Do OMBC think that working people who are currently trapped renting will be bale to afford these prices? OMBC need to accept that more affordable homes need to be built.

By Pip

It would be good if OMBC could expand on the commitment that Redrow have made to local suppliers. House builders routinely use casual labour so it won’t be too much hassle to ensure a few positions go to locals. With supply chains house builders are split into regional business units so most of their suppliers wil already be local by most definitions.And their product? There is nothing that sets Redrow apart from any other volume builder. Same old repetitive boxes with a bay window or porch tacked on the front.

So what value are they really adding here? I think they might’ve been better partnering with a niche developer or a good housing association with a development division.

By Same old

Niche developer for 60 units? Delivery will be a key driver for OMBC who will want the site developing out sometime in the next decade. Something that ‘volume’ housebuilders actually do. Here we go again with the ‘repetitive box’ chant, why don’t you knock on Ford’s door and ask them to start building every car differently? Every Mondeo I see is the same! It has to stop!!

By Same Old Housebuilder Bashing

These houses are extremely dear for that part of Oldham.

By Elephant

If these houses are what the say they are, £200,000 to £315,000 Home for sale. Then that is the best outcome for the existing residents. The worst outcome would be a housing association development. My previous home was next to a site earmarked for development. The residents rejected a single store factory (mistake).We finally got a housing association (rented property) development and it was the end of our nice neighbourhood. So I say take this Redrow development because it’s better then what they’ll come back with if we reject this development.

By Experienced

Experienced makes a valid point but are people going to pay these prices for Counthill?

By Elephant