Radisson owner commits to extension

The expansion of Manchester’s Radisson Blu Edwardian hotel into the Theatre Royal building next door remains an aspiration for the parent company despite the expected start on site this year not materialising.

Proposals have been mooted for the vacant site next to the upmarket hotel for several years by hotel owner Edwardian Group London, which acquired the extension site from Benmore in 2012. Reports in late 2014 suggested construction work would begin this year.

Dearbhla MacFadden, group director of marketing, Edwardian Group London, said: “We continue to have ambitious plans for the Radisson Blu Edwardian Manchester. We enjoy playing a key role in the city as its only five star hotel and we’ve had more than a decade of success here. Looking forward we want to keep building on our great reputation with top-class rooms and meeting facilities, excellent restaurants and award-winning service. 2016 is going to be an exciting year for us, with new experiences for our guests that we’ll soon be able to share full details about.”

Edwardian Group London owns 13 hotels including Radisson Blu Leicester Square in London which it is planning to rebuild.

The group would not confirm the design or start date for the expansion in Manchester and said the proposals were yet to be confirmed. The company bought the hotel at the old Free Trade Hall from administrators in 2011.

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That’s a “no” then… or to quote a certain person “not in my lifetime”

By Roberto

Procrastination is the thief of heritage buildings….

By Roberto

Ah happy memories of Royale’s. Where the club was rough and the girls!

By R Bolton

The Free Trade Hall should never have been converted to an hotel.Far too important in the history of Britain.The Theatre Royal should be returned back to a theatre.With Manchester firing on all cylinders culturally,it would make sense.

By Elephant

Dear god, how is Manchester “firing on all cylinders culturally”? What’s here that isn’t elsewhere? Its pretty dull still!

By James

Can’t they get someone like urbansplash or Capital + Centric to sort it out? Edwardian Group run hotels, which is a world away from converting special old buildings

By Neil Blythe

Change the record James, it’s very boring.

By Smithfields

Smithfields, if people want to make claims about Manchester’s cultural prowess, they need to back it up. Its too easy to repeat the Tory-sponsored Northern Powerhouse spin about there being some kind of revolution here. Its carrying on at the same decent pace that it has for the last 20-30 years. Fine. But its hardly a cultural Mecca, stop please just stop claiming it to be and I can pipe down.

By James

Please can we leave the juvenile inter-city sniping to other forums. This is a site for professionals.

By Not SCC

James, you evidently don’t have anything to back your claim up either. This is the North West, we must be realistic and stop comparing it to London or other major cities. It’s ridiculous to argue with people every time that post something positive about our region.

By Yarrum

You’re right, lets just leave it.

By James

Kept glancing at that building and wondering why it was familiar; was the old Discotheque Royale’s (as rightly alluded to by R Bolton; plus the sign!!). God, clubbing back then was rough, you forget how much. No CCTV (only appeared en-masse circa 1997), unlicensed doormen and trouble-makers called Carl with bad moustaches crap shirts. Prefer town now, much more civilised, even factoring in the odd firearm discharge here and there.

By Sprinter