Chester Races Masterplan

Racecourse expansion heads towards planning

A two-day public consultation on £50m development proposals at Chester Racecourse has closed.

Members of the public were invited to express their thoughts on the proposals of Chester Race Company to increase the Roodee course’s revenue-generating potential with a 1,000-capacity conference centre and a Pavilion grandstand to replace the Leverhulme stand, overlooking the parade ring and winner’s enclosure.

The Holiday Inn Express at the site will be expanded as part of the project, with some onsite parking making way.

Richard Thomas, chief executive of Chester Race Company, said: “Our ‘Masterplan 2018’ represents a substantial commitment to the development of the Chester Racecourse site and we can apportion many additional benefits from this planned investment to the city of Chester and our local community.

“We have received positive feedback and support from our shareholders and CWAC.”

In the short term, a planning application for the demolition of the Watergate Inn has been approved, with works now under way. The pub will be replaced with a new public entrance to the County enclosure through formal landscape and a feature canopy.

All works will be completed in advance of the first meeting of Chester’s 2018 season on Wednesday 9 May.

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I suppose this will mean yet another increase in prices. I remember when you came to the Roodeye you came for the racing

By graham