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Quorum launches consultation on £80m Bredbury Gateway

The developer yesterday opened consultation on a proposed 1.25m sq ft extension of Bredbury Industrial Estate in Stockport.

The estate, close to junction 25 of the M60, is currently home to more than 100 businesses. Quorum believes that new space at the site will attract and accommodate manufacturing, e-commence and logistics businesses currently stymied by a lack of flexible and modern employment space.

Quorum, which intends to submit an outline planning application this year, said that more than 300 jobs will be created during the construction phase and estimates a further 2,214 jobs once Bredbury Gateway is open for business, with the estimated increase in business rates for Stockport Council being around £3.5m per year if fully occupied.

The proposed scheme includes a new pedestrian and cycle link to Stockport Sports Village, which will also link the extension to public transport. A 131-space car park for the sports village will also be delivered.

A public exhibition will be held at Stockport Sports Village between 2.30pm and 7.30pm on Thursday 14 June, with the development team on hand and feedback forms available. A website has been launched and more than 4,000 newsletters distributed.

Paul Cook, director of Quorum, said: “Whilst Stockport has shown that it is open for business, there is a shortage of deliverable and sustainable sites for future strategic employment development in the borough, which risks the area missing out on investment and job creation to elsewhere.

“Over the last decade, Greater Manchester has become a hotbed for new e-commerce, logistics and manufacturing schemes that have created thousands of highly skilled and well-paid jobs. Bredbury Gateway will strengthen Stockport’s foothold in these dynamic sectors and is a unique opportunity to create more exciting and rewarding career paths for the local population.

“We see great value in providing much needed new infrastructure for a community hub in Stockport Sports Village, as well as supporting the regeneration of the Brinnington area by creating nearby employment opportunities for residents. We look forward to gaining feedback from local people on our plans, and working closely with the community to maximise the benefits for the area.”

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Why is there no mention of a low railway bridge at the exit of junction 25 m60 at Bredbury ind estate on Ashton road.
Not too mention one of the most congested and accident prone junctions as well as junction 1 the Pyramid on the M60.
Seems to me that any logistics company with high vehicles would avoid the area like the plague
if they actually new the area and saw for themselves what a real bottleneck the place is.

By Graham Jones

It’s a GMSF site currently in the greenbelt – not sure how they think they’ll get planning permission before GMSF is adopted, or how they know the site will be in the not yet published new draft. The last GMSF draft suggested the development would help finance a scheme to resolve the low rail bridge issue – if I recall correctly they said that’d improve the quality of the existing industrial estate as well, helping resolve wider local issues around supply of better quality employment land.

By Not Again

Such a shame to be building in the river valley. Good to create new jobs though, especially so close to both Brinnington and Haughton Green.

By the light of the moon

As a horse owner on mill farm ( proposed site ) I think this plan is appalling. Not only. Do you propose to pour concrete over a place of natural beauty. You plan on taking down vital trees and killing wildlife.
And for what reason the POSSIBILITY of creating more work space ! What about using up all the abandoned units, buildings, shops instead of destroying green belt land and beauty

By Kelly cadwallader

This is disgusting, there’s already been too much green space ruined with monstrosities of buildings. Green space is the only link to nature we have left. Stop ruining it! I am a horse owner keeping my horse on the farm situated right where the buildings propose to go. Angry isn’t even a word I’d describe how I feel right now and I and many others will be going through every route possible to go against this ‘proposition’.
DONT DO IT!!!!!!

By Toni Martin

So is Bredbury not plagued enough by the amount of passing traffic causing noise and pollution.
Each day the roads are jammed, its not worth taking the car out after 3pm due to the roads being jammed up.
This development will bring more misery to the local community of Bredbury which we have had enough of and had years of this issue which needs stopping not making it worse.

By John Snelson

Agree with comment about the traffic it’s a NIGHTMARE!!
Why not Make use/bulldoze all of the empty units on all the industrial estates over near Macdonalds,Robinsons,Hilti and Allied before building more tasteless sheds on the Greenbelt
If your going to wreck Greenbelt then spend the 80 million(minions money) on the SEMMS bypass to hazel grove and then maybe extend the park IF it eases the traffic.
For the freight/any companies at 7am a 1.3mile 6 minute journey takes me 55mins most mornings, I travel from Mill lane in Woodley(St Marks Church) to Bredbury roundabout then it’s at least another 20 minutes before Stockport is in my rear view mirror and coming home is no better!
Big WOW for the 300 minimum wage jobs IF the units are occupied??
The amount of fuel we’ve all wasted and pollution casused sat idling in cars/vans on the Woodley/Bredbury/Denton roads over the years would of paid for SEMMMS several times over!
If they do adjust the road near the bridge I can assure you the road will close for a long time trains will keep running while they figure it all out while not disturbing Briish Rail which means tunnels and another 80 Million pound and more TRAFFIC
So both more money and time from STOLEN from US the minions!
Again profit before the People!

By Lee Kemp

Well I’m glad that now I will have a beautiful view of Bredbury industrial out off the front and back of my house, I may as well live in one of the units. At least my house value will be reduced happy days.

By Boxed in

what a disgusting blot on the landscape! This is not waste land! It is a livery farm where adults can keep their horses and enjoy our bridleways. Take this away from us and with hyde hall farm also going then don’t bother to create new bridleways as mentioned because there ll be no horses to use them! Just save us some green land instead of pouring concrete on it and think for once of our wildlife eg;badgers,foxes;our swallows that return yearly and the owl and bats nesting on the farm.

By miss mcmorrow

Just looking at the Bredbury gateway plans . How is the traffic around here going to cope it cannot come now so just imagine what’s going to happen with even more traffic . No to mention the noise and fumes . What a great white blot on the beautiful landscape of what is at the moment the tame valley . Full of bridleways and walking paths . All the local residents still have to live around here and cope with the disturbance and noise not to mention the heavy lorries and traffic congestion that it will bring . It is ok for the people selling the land as they won’t be living around her. Far from impressed.

By Helen wright

This land is the only buffer zone between Bredbury and Denton and is quite beautiful, to build further industrial units to our corner of Bredbury which is already congested everyday at peak times is plainly unbelievable..New units are being constructed already on land previously used as industrial use. Why oh Why are Quorum trying to do this to our green belt. As mentioned previously, there are two very low bridges to negotiate when coming along two routes which then force the very heavy and high loads through Denton down Stockport Road and over
Beight Bridge, this area already with a reputation of many accidents and fatal crashes and adding considerably more traffic and pollution. This is not about bringing business in for our benefit at all, think about it. Who will really benefit? The ramifications of bringing this ugly development onto this piece of historical green land are total vandalism and should be fought against by every caring person.

By Lynne Askew

What additional infrastructure is going to be put in place to ease the already overcrowded roads in that area, if the answer is none then the development should not be allowed

By Jason Gledhill

Sweet…………. more traffic!

By mike