Publicise your events on Place

This coming Friday, Place will send out its unique list of forthcoming industry events scheduled for October. Is your event going to be included?

Check the Events calendar and if your event details are not yet on there send them to us today. If you have already sent them please send them again.

To be included on the 1 October mail-out jot down the following…

  • Venue
  • Date
  • Time
  • Description of the event
  • Organiser
  • Phone number and email address of the organiser

…and email them to Paul Unger, editor of Place, at by the close of play today, Tuesday.

If you want to publicise the event but it is invitation only state this and we will make it clear in the listing; from experience this can be a useful way of cleansing your database by prompting people who have moved company or changed their address and may have been missed on your own database but not ours to get in touch with the host.

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