Wirral Waters
The project is intended to encourage businesses to relocate to the West Float area

Public realm plotted for Wirral industrial park

Dan Whelan

Peel L&P has lodged plans for a package of public realm improvements the developer says will pave the way for the creation of a 1m sq ft waterside industrial complex, as part of the 500-acre Wirral Waters regeneration scheme. 

The West Float Marine, Energy and Automotive Park is described by Peel L&P as the “industrial heart of Wirral Waters” and the public realm project will provide the initial infrastructure for this part of the development. 

Called Greenway, the work includes the construction a footway and cycleway along the north side of Beaufort Road and east side of Wallasey Bridge Road, to be separated from the main road by a strip of landscaping.

The Greenway project is essential in providing further market confidence to investors and businesses to commit to locate at West Float, Peel L&P said. 

Wirral Waters 2

The MEA Park at West Float is the industrial heart of Wirral Waters, Peel L&P said

Richard Mawdsley, Peel L&P’s director of development for Wirral Waters, said: “The Greenway public realm project represents the first stage of development at Wirral Waters’ West Float neighbourhood. 

“The creation of a strategic east-west greenway across Wirral Waters, improving the environment and linking the development to the surrounding areas, will play a key part to help delivery of MEA Park, building on historic associations and expertise within the local area.” 

The Wirral Waters masterplan covers 500 acres of land and water at the Birkenhead docks and is expected to deliver 13,000 homes and 20m sq ft of mixed-use space on completion. 

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Nice. Can’t wait to see Peel demand public money to actually build it

By Public-Private P.Take

Promises promises. This will never happen whilst tied to the LCR.

By Lower Heswall

Lower Heswall – Its already happening on the Northbank

By snowman

Brilliant news

By David

Looks brilliant!

By snoutsinthetrough

Lower Heswall – they’re already asking LCR CA for cash to finance it. Wirral is the most backwards council in the universe: only chance of good things happening “over d water” is by working as LCR. Buck up.

By City Regionalist

Looks the part.
Nice to see the old Dock railway repurposed as a light rail corridor. Now if this was tied in to Birkenhead North station…?

By Anonymous

Excellent news

By Heswall OG

Would be great , if it ever got off the ground

By Upper Heswall

Unfortunately Birkenhead and environs lacks a focal commercial hub …is without the capacity to create a separate identity from the business and leisure industry across the Mersey…
Unless…significant investment is made at every level….will always remain…in essence..a commuter belt

By Tercol

The LCR won`t spend any cash unless it benefits Liverpool. It is what it is.


Doesn’t look a patch on St Peters Square or Picc Gardens

By Liverpool Lacks Romance

@ Lower Heswall (imposter), I am the original one, you must be Heswall trying to disguise yourself, a very cunning plan and no one noticed ;) and stop moaning about every investment. The benefits of them all filter through the areas economy.

By Lower Heswall

Birkenhead is not a commuter town it is part of one of the world’s great cities. Some of the biggest and most pioneering projects in our city’s history have been cross-river. The opening, in the 1880s, of the world’s first deep-level underground railway – The Mersey Railway – and the longest underwater road tunnel in the 1930s for example. New Brighton Tower was also the tallest. Birkenhead is part of the whole that makes up Liverpool, just as ‘Buda’ (Budapest) is part of -‘pest’ and Paris’s Left Bank is part of Paris.

By Red Squirrel