Cornbrook Consultation

Public consultation next week on Cornbrook scheme

A public consultation is to be held next Tuesday ahead of a planning application for a scheme by Peel and Glenbrook that would bring two residential towers and a hotel to a brownfield site next to the Cornbrook Metrolink station, bordering Manchester’s Castlefield area.

The plans include 280 apartments for the private rented sector, which will be in two blocks, located along Trentham Street and the corner to Chester Road; and a block containing the hotel and aparthotel, the latter of which would be on the corner of Cornbrook Road and Bridgewater Way as it becomes Dinton Way.

The scheme is on the other side of the tram tracks to the Bennett Bros scrapyard site, which Manchester City Council advanced plans to compulsorily purchase last year, the site forming the gateway to Peel’s Manchester Waters scheme.

HOW Planning is advising Peel and Glenbrook.

The public consultation will be held between 2pm and 7pm on Tuesday 28 November at the nearby Talbot Mill on Ellesmere Street, Manchester M15 4JY.

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It’s good to see how well the scheme addresses the railway viaduct and the geometry and grain of the surrounding streets and properties. No sense of overdevelopment or cramped souless blocks here. Nothing like the Green Quarter (which I think refers to the colour of some cladding panels). No, this is a giant step to a design responding to its location and oozing humanity.

By Raymondo

What the hell is that Legend all about. Making me feel unwell.

By Hokey Cokey

Majestic foresight from MCC again, let a couple of old historic (one listed) pubs fall into dereliction, allow to be demolished in the past 12 months or so – to be replaced by…..a couple of new bars. No doubt glass fronted with cheap grey cladding on the side, probably operated by a London based chain.

By Logenberry

Loganberry that’s an improvement though I’m sure you won’t accept that, being stuck in the past and all.

By Anon

Why is a grey glass box that will be outdated in 5 years an improvement on a listed old pub? London protects them, and that place aint doing to bad. But hey, I’m clearly stuck in the past. Let’s just knock everything down.

By Logenberry

Love it. The existing brownfield site, is an absolute eye-sore. Am all for it. Hurry up and get on with it.

By Craig