Goosnargh Lane Development
The Goosnargh Lane to the top left site is set to become 147 homes as part of two separate applications by Michael Wells

Preston homes set for approval despite MP objections

Chloé Vaughan

Four schemes to bring 250 homes to Preston, including developments at Swainson Farm which has seen a backlash from local MP Ben Wallace, are recommended for approval at the city’s planning committee this week.

The first of the schemes is an outline application for 87 houses on a 10.9-acre site to the north west of Swainson Farm on Goosnargh Lane.

The developer is Michael Wells, who is proposing 30 affordable homes along with 57 for general market sale. This marks the 35% required provision. Emery Planning submitted the application.

The scheme is recommended for approval subject to a Section 106 agreement for an education provision, the future management of the public open space and provision for a new enhanced bus service between the village and city centre.

Whittingham Parish Council and Goosnargh Parish have objected to the scheme, with issues including the inadequate public transport offer, the housing provision does not outweigh the loss of rural villages, it represents a flood risk and that the site is not allocated in the Local Plan for housing and is contrary to the Development Plan.

MP of Wyre and Preston North Ben Wallace, has also objected to the application due to similar points as above along with the fact that “the site is within the open countryside which the Council was seeking to protect.” Other objections have been raised by locals, and the scheme has received 44 letters against the proposals which agree with the aforementioned points.

The Swainson Farm site on Goosnargh Lane has proved popular with applications, and has received another proposal from Michael Wells for 40 homes on a different 4.6-acre site.

This application is for a poultry farm and includes the demolition of 50,300 sq ft of farm buildings to build 14 affordable and 26 homes for private sale.

The points of objection from before stand for this application also, including comments from both parishes and MP Ben Wallace. Over 30 letters of objection were submitted by locals for this scheme with the same points as made earlier, but also questioning the loss of a local business.

The owner of the farm aims to retire due to a multitude of reasons including the loss of his business partner and the rising costs of farming. According to Emery Planning: “Whilst the site is currently operating, the owners are of advancing years and have taken the decision to fully consider the future options for the site.”

Jepps Lane

An outline application for 125 homes on land to the north of Jepps Lane in Barton will also be discussed by the committee.

The land, which is currently used for agriculture, is situated adjacent to other domestic streets in a rectangular block.

The amount of affordable housing is set to reach the minimum required of 35% but this is to be discussed at reserved matters stage. The council’s highways team has requested a financial contribution of £157,542 for slip road improvement works at the M55 Junction 1.

Again, MP Ben Wallace has objected to this application. He commented that: “The proposal is contrary to local planning policy as the site is not included in the Local Plan. The largescale nature of the proposed development will change the character of the village of Barton and extend the settlement boundary, and that the constituents will be sad at the loss of the greenspace.”

Barton Parish Council also objects to the application on similar grounds, but also includes comments regarding the increase of traffic to the area and its impact on residents.

Locals have also submitted 98 letters of objection including the rapid increase of housing in the area and that there is now an overconcentration.

Support has come from the area too with three letters received by the council. They include comments on the fact that the development will provide more family homes, that the new houses will help local businesses, and it will encourage first-time buyers who could not otherwise afford homes in the area.

Story Homes is the developer, while PWA Planning is the agent and Woodcroft Design provided the scheme designs.

Duchy Homes Park House Farm

A reserved matters application for 34 homes at Park House Farm on Whittingham Lane, Grimsargh has been submitted by developer Duchy Homes two years after gaining full planning permission.

The 3.5-acre site is set to have 10 affordable homes, which meets the necessary provision, and is recommended for approval. Concerns have been raised over the development’s encroachment of privacy on existing houses and the impact on security with the creation of a through road, but the council considers the development acceptable on both of these grounds.

Maybern Planning & Development advised on the scheme.

All four schemes are recommended for approval at the meeting on 7 November.

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