Maritime Way Apartments
A similar scheme on Maritime Way was refused in 2015

Preston approves pair of apartment blocks

Dan Whelan

The two city centre residential schemes, one at Preston Docks and another on the site of a former sports hall on Garden Street, will together provide 87 apartments once complete.  


Maritime Way flats  

Maritime Way Preston 2

Developer: Austringer Capital 

Planner: PWA Planning 

Architect: Barclay Phillips Architects  

Local Preston developer Austringer Capital, run by director Yousuf Bux, has won approval to build an eight-storey block containing 40 apartments on a site between Preston marina and the River Ribble. 

Of the 40 apartments, 20 will have one bedroom and 20 will have two bedrooms. 

A similar scheme on the same site was proposed by Oceanwave Estates in 2015 but was refused amid concerns over contamination, noise from the nearby railway line and an unsatisfactory flood risk assessment. 

An existing residential block called Midland House occupies the same site. 

Garden Street apartments  

Garden Street Preston Flats

Developer: Northern Estates  

Architect and planner: 1618 Architects  

Northern Estates, run by director Mustaq Bhailok, is planning to build a seven-storey apartment block containing 47 apartments, in the footprint of a former sports hall. 

The sports hall, which was used by Cardinal Newman College, is located on Garden Street off Winkley Square and has been vacant for 10 years, according to Preston City Council, which approved the scheme on Thursday.  

An earlier proposal from Bhailok outlined his intention to repurpose the building and add an extension to the upper floors, creating 41 apartments. 

However, the council was unhappy with the scheme and suggested the developer demolish the sports hall rather than remodel it. 

The redesign provided scope for the scheme to grow and a fresh application from Northern Estates sought permission for 65 flats. 

However, the approved scheme will contain just 47 flats, according to the council. 


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This is absolutely disgusting! This is a conservation area and this building is totally out of character with the area. Surely the designer could have done better It will tower above the other buildings. How very sad that the council is allowing this to go ahead. I know that the opinions and wishes of the Preston tax payers, are of little interest, and are not considered by our council. This is yet another of the many applications approved, no matter what. I know the existing sports hall has been empty for years. By all means make use of the land but in a conservation area, surely new builds aught to be in keeping and reflect the existing history of the area. So sad that we can’t keep at least one area of historical importance for the future.

By Mary Kennedy