Whitakers Garden Centre Prescot
Whitakers Garden Centre would relocate to new premises

Prescot garden centre earmarked for 227 homes  

Sarah Townsend

Housebuilder Taylor Wimpey has submitted plans for a residential development on Liverpool Road in Merseyside, to be situated on the site of a garden centre.

The operational Whitakers Garden Centre will initially remain on the site before relocating to new premises in Prescot.

Work on Taylor Wimpey’s 227-home scheme is expected to start in the coming months subject to planning permission being granted by Knowsley Council.

The site is one of the nine Sustainable Urban Extension sites released from the Green Belt in the Knowsley Local Plan Core Strategy and will assist Knowsley Council in meeting its identified housing need of 8,100 new homes by 2028.

Ian Harrison, land and planning director at Taylor Wimpey North West, said: “Our planning application for a new development in Prescot [aims to] provide much-needed new homes, investment and economic benefit for the local area.

“We have worked hard to ensure that our proposal reflects the needs of the local community and will contribute to continued investment within Prescot.”

The housebuilder also this week lodged plans for 88 new homes off Cockerham Road, near Garstang in Lancashire, which would form part of a wider development of 260 homes in the area.

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We don’t need another 227 homes go somewhere else and build them

By T p butler

I’m glad this has finally come through. I remember stumbling into the premises as a Junior Planner 20 years ago, and asking the owner if he wanted to sell to my client who we were doing a Strategic Land exercise for. He practically chased me out with a pitchfork. And my client? – Taylor Woodrow at the time.

By Edge

There has been 5 or more really large sites of new builds it’s not new builds to buy, that we need, yur forcing ppl out who have lived here for years, its’ 2 bed houses for knowsley to rent out to ppl is what is needed, where exactly r u going to build and provide some new homes that the council can rent out, it’s appauling if u DNT get at least 20 new 1z built here, just across the round about a massive build is taking place, they don’t need flat they r entitled to the qualities u have.obviously not in so much splender as yurself

By Anonymous

We have hundreds of homes already being built along Knowsley.lane.There will be chaos along Liverpool Rd if this is allowed to go ahead.
Who are these homes for.No one that lives in Prescot. We need more council homes built for people who desperately need them.
Not more “AFFORDABLE” homes.
I’m seeking professional advice about this.
We have not much green spaces in Prescot.

By Barbara shiels

What a disgrace taking green belt from an area that has housed a wonderful garden centre like whitakers which has been there since I was a lad and I’m now in my seventy. Absolute disgrace.

By Barrie boyer

227 homes will bring up to 1000 extra people with no more doctors, hospital beds or school places the estate will have only one exit and entry point on Liverpool road requiring yet another set of traffic lights


How many houses do you need in Prescot? Just a quarter of a mile away by the retail park there are hundreds being built. Roads are crazy enough!

By Anonymous

I not agree with this new build. We are losing green spaces and there will be more traffic, pressure on hospitals, GP surgeries and schools. Prescot will become one large housing estate.

By E Ward

if your going to build us another 227 homes to go with the other 500 odd homes being built in the prescot area , i think you need to build us another doctors , another dentist and another school to cope with the extra few thousand all theses homes are bringing

By Chris

Very welcome

By Peter Smit

“Much needed new homes”

Taylor Wimpey haven’t flogged the batch they’ve built on the old BICC yet. They’re a poorly built mess by all accounts too

By BertDeBlert

Can’t believe knowsley has give permission to build on this land its disgusting the amount of new houses being built in the area. Apart from the traffic in the area what about schools , doctors etc services, which are already under strain,

By S. Maddocks

We need more social housing, not these overpriced houses.
Will these be lease owned properties? I suspect not and the prices don’t reflect it.

By Maria

Where’s the infrastructure!! No room in existing doctors practice no room in local schools?? We don’t need homes we need local businesses like our butchers, fruit and veg shop and chemists that are keeping prescot community going during these times. What good are houses KMBC should be supporting local businesses. Why not a community farm shop something constructive. KMBC think about us we pay the council tax ask us what we want for a change. That’s what we elected you for!

By Sheila Dalton

Erroneously taken out of green belt and marked as a SUE by Knowsley council,(originally for around 133 houses with the garden centre remaining) disregarding strong local opposition and without a thorough viability study or concern towards the future of the garden centre.
The site is a third infill or made up land, below the sewers, has flooding issues, mining issues, contaminated significantly with asbestos, restricted access point, has significant ecological value and any development will have a major impact on visual amenity on the approach to Prescot with its new flagship theatre.
The Garden centre is being forced to relocate to a small unsuited location to make a development viable.
The residents of Prescot are polishing their pitch forks. Taylor Wimpey watch out.

By green man

Selling Knowsley by the pound. This rotten borough has promoted fast buck short-termism for as long as anybody can remember.

By John Smith

Must be some garden centre

By Percy Thrower

Greedy money grabbing builders who put in applications for house building whilst lockdown is on should be ashamed of themselves…and the council (knowsley) who will no doubt pass it are no better..At least wait till lockdown is over so people (public residents ) can have there say.

By Vee

Hundreds of new houses still being built in prescot people buying them and then letting them out.don’t need any more..Doctors dentist schools can’t cope now? Ridiculous .knowsley council can only see pound signs .council tax council tax and even more council tax..Should be ashamed of themselves. .bet they don’t live anywhere near the new builds…

By Ted

What do you expect, when you have got the most useless M.P. that Knowsley has ever had. George Howarth is about as much use, as an ashtray on on a motorbike.
Just look at what the people of Knowsley think about him, he is a Tory in disguise.

By Paul