Premcor Rochdale Road
The site previously had consent for an apartment scheme

Premcor lodges plans for Rochdale Road hotel

Dan Whelan

The developer, headed up by former Urban & Civic directors Rob Lane and Simon Hawkins, wants to build a 229-bedroom hotel on a plot originally earmarked for a residential scheme. 

Designed by Jon Matthews Architects, the scheme would span 10-storeys and sit on a site between housebuilder Moda Living’s Angel Gardens and the recently completed Hampton by Hilton hotel, delivered by Create Developments. 

Premcor is in advanced talks with a hotel operator and hopes to agree heads of terms within the coming weeks.   

The UK-based developer bought the site from Realty Estates in January for an undisclosed sum. Realty Estates had won consent for a 15-storey apartment scheme, designed by architects Hodder + Partners, prior to the sale.  

The fresh proposals comprise an L-shaped building that includes a ground floor restaurant, bar and reception area.   

WSP is the planning consultant for the project and Gardiner & Theobald is the project manager and quantity surveyor. 

Consultants Hann Tucker Associates, Civic Engineers, Planit-IE and Hydrock make up the project team, and GMI Construction Group is lined up to build the hotel. 

Premcor director Simon Hawkins said: ‘The city’s growth is creating a significant demand for hotel accommodation.

“We have worked hard with our team to do justice to the site, and look forward to delivering this development on a visible and underutilised site along Rochdale Road.”

Subject to planning approval, Premcor aims to start on site early next year and expects to complete the development by the middle of 2022. 

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Looks great!

By Roger

Oof, blank wall facing a church. Now that’s good architecture.

By Anonymous

I like this one too but wait for the oldie whingebags to start

By Anonymous

It has the advantage of being close to the Hampton by Hilton, which is one of the ugliest new builds around, so anything will look good next to it. It’s nothing astounding. another boring brick box which seems to be becoming the norm in this area

By Steve

Well we are the 3rd most visited UK city after London and Edinburgh. Seems this area is becoming quite a hotel zone.

By Bob

It could be nice. Just a bit worried about that huge blank brick wall.


Another hotel in Manchester city centre or just on the borders.. what about the homeless people.. I was at the “go outdoors” clothes shop on great ancoats street the other day and had just bought myself a new jacket. I was driving through ancoats area and it was raining heavy. I looked over into a side street and seen this scruffy bearded miserable bloke pushing this tatty old supermarket trolley with about 10 old bags in it, it must have been all his possessions in life. He had a thin old tatty jacket on with no hood, he looked like a drowned rat.. So I carried on to the next traffic lights and stopped, did a u turn and went back to find this homeless man, after a few minutes, I found him and he was about my height, so I gave him my old jacket (I had no use for it now) and it fitted him. He said “thank you”, I chatted with him for 5 minutes and then went home.. What about building for the hundreds of homeless around Manchester .

By Darren born bred Salford

This looks really good hotel.

By Bobby

Astounded how anyone can think this looks good yet the Hampton by Hilton down the road looks bad. This looks straight out of the 1970s, terrible design. A big blank wall and very little architectural interest on the front of the building…


Darren …no doubt you objected to the Go Outdoors being built, loss of traditional Ancoats, no provision for locals or homeless etc :-)

By Boom

Der Mr. Roger the Property Developer: That is a brutalist block despoiling the place and belittling that destroying the ambience of that pleasing Victorian church. Disgraceful. Money, money, money.

By James Yates

You’re such a good person Darren, your comments really inspire me…

By Anonymous

Embarrassingly bad design. No objection to the site being developed but this is pants!

By Observer

@Darren born bred Salford, I come to this fine website on architecture and developments for the North West to find out about architecture and developments in the North West. As a bonus, I also get to see you stand on a pretty lofty pedestal. To keep things on topic, outside of your jacket donations which was very nice of you, I have to admit, I don’t see why building a hotel should be a problem for you since it provides jobs in the city, both directly and indirectly as part of the travel industry. Outside of your opposition against hotels, apartments (unless it’s social housing), skyscrapers, art galleries and museums, corporations, flying, HS2 and developments in general, I’d be interested in what you think about the brick wall facade this building may present on Rochdale Road.


Darren, it would be very dangerous to do a u turn at the lights on or at the end of Great Ancoats street. Be careful next time.

Ps. Got a canada goose you dont want?

By Anonymous

I spend all of my time looking at building designs on my computer screen and commenting on them. This design is going to utterly destroy my life.

By SSC Cladding Fanatic

This area at the moment is a car park, so it’s another car park gone. It must be about the 50 car park that has gone in Manchester areas and around chapel st and trinity way areas of Salford. Where are people going to park for work, in the expansive multi storeys that charge you about £20 for the day… On this new hotel, the long term unemployed should go on a all expenses paid 8week training course about working in a hotel and at the end of the course they should be offered a job here, also give them above minimum wage, not peanuts, plus good bonuses. This hotel looks good in the main picture and it could be the best hotel in Manchester.

By Born bred Darren.

This hotel will bring jobs to the area.

By Regular northerner.

This hotel looks really good on the outskirts of the town centre. Will it be full?

By Regular northerner.

This will get people jobs, at the moment people are being laid off everywhere. This is a Ideal location for a hotel.

By John