Poynton Housing June 2019

Poynton scheme gets second deferral

Chloé Vaughan

Despite being recommended for approval subject to a section 106 agreement, a Persimmon proposal for 134 homes has once again been deferred.

The plans were put back by Cheshire East Council’s strategic planning committee as it requested further flood and car parking information.

The housebuilder is proposing to build a mix of two, three, four, and five-bedroom homes along with apartments on the 20-acre plot off Hazelbadge Road, close to the Lower Park Primary School. Of these homes, 40 are set to be affordable, with 26 for affordable rent and 14 as intermediate tenure.

There has been opposition to the scheme from residents and the area’s MP. It attracted 99 letters in opposition in January and 159 in February. Comments hinged on the loss of green space and the impact on the neighbouring school on traffic and parking.

Despite these objections, planning officers have sided with Persimmon and argued that the scheme complies with Cheshire East’s Local Plan.

Mosaic Town Planning acted as planner on this scheme. Plans were first put forward in 2017, and two rounds of public consultation have taken place; one in January 2018, and another in February 2019. The original plans called for 146 homes, but the numbers have been slightly cut following consultation with the local authority.

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134 houses over 20 acres = just shy of 17 to the hectare. Immediately adjacent to a rail station. Pitiful.

By george I think she's got it

That will bring even more gridlock to Poynton if given apporval and total gridlock around the school. What happens when the railway bridge fails (its looking decidedly dodgy now with deep rutting due to waggons!) There are “Brownfield” sites around…but obviously not providing enough profit for Persimmon…

By Anonymost

We already have significantly increased flooding as a result of the SEMMMS road construction across flood plane. Further converting over precious green belt in the same area will clearly make the situation even worse. Can we have some common sense in planning decisions?

By Julie Waddicor

@Julie Waddicor – common sense in planning would see the density of this scheme doubled. A wasted opportunity.

By NWPlanner

Anonymost and Julie Waddicor – are you experts on the structural integrity of bridges and the impact of SEMMS on the flood plain? I would imagine not.
You two are fantastic nimby’s. get with the programme, this site was allocated for housing in the Local Plan.

By Nimby lover.

We really need more homes

By David nield

Absolutely terrible idea to build this many houses on this site. I have lived in Poynton my whole life and the flooding in this area, especially on Chester Road is becoming dangerous to many people who live in the area.

By Anonymous

Have they not been to see the site on a school day?

By Peter Crampton

Sort out the drains and poor road conditions first before allowing more private home dwellings to be built. Accept that the people of Poynton are against this proposal.

By Mel German

don’t need to build 5 bedroom houses on this site, there are loads on the Woodford site, build more affordable houses for the young people!

By Julie Price

It is not only the flooding and air pollution for pupils that raise objections. The proposed access down Hazelbadge Road is absolutely ridiculous. The road is crammed with parked cars most days. It’s a tragedy waiting to happen.

By SusanHill

Do the people complaining about the flood risk impact this scheme poses not realise that a detailed flood risk assessment will be undertaken. If anything this will help quantify the issue, and the developers will need to provide mitigation. Same goes for transport. If anything, it’s an opportunity to have a developer pay to address preexisting issues. This is why we have a planning system folks.

By Moaners

Traffic in and around Poynton is gridlocked ALL day long.

Poynton is prone to flooding.

We do not need any more housing in this area!

By Paul Roberts

This is a terrible development and should be refused. To have so few houses built so close to a railway station is really bad planning and a complete waste of the site. If the Council is really committed to their proposed Environmental Strategy they should refuse this and tell the developer to come back with 2 or 3 times the amount of houses. Real opportunity being wasted here

By Bad planning

This development may help fulfil the requirement by government for more housing, but this site is not suitable, if looked at more closely. There is a Brook which runs near it. Would only have one entry/exit road. Traffic congestion here is bad especially as it is the only access to get to the school and for existing residents. Please think again before building here.

By Irene Gatenby

This is a tragedy waiting to happen and it would lay solely on the developers and planners heads and hearts. I couldnt get into hazelbadge road to visit my parents for ten minutes at school Ned of day last week and that caused the traffic to back up over the railway bridge. There is a cat in hell’s chance that an ambulance or fire engine could get in as there was such a volume of traffic and parked cars. If they build they will be responsible for endangering lives. Also who would buy a house next to a brook which has already almost burst its banks? And the quality of these houses have been reported by previous buyers as horrendous. They’d buy once and regret for life! Surely surely the council planners can see the logic that any child could see

By Exasperated

Hazelbadge rd cannot possibly cope with the ammount of traffic generated by134 new homes .and the infra structure of poynton is already struggling, how can this planning application be approved when so many objections have been raised

By Maureen leigh

Do the people calling for houses to be built on green fields actually live in Poynton? How anyone can support this, without personally profiting is beyond me.. Efforts need to be concentrated on improving the existing town from it’s current state of gridlock and disrepair

By Resident

“By Moaners” The planners are not bothered any more we had a similar situation adjacent to Cheadle Hulme high tension of the school and building of an M&S. the local roads are now rammed everyday as soon as approval is given its as if they say next! the planners of Macc & Stockport need to start thinking about the local environment instead of getting their numbers up at any cost. I take it your a planner or deluge diversion disruptor manager.