John And Danny (GROUPED)
Danny Crump (left) and Cllr John Blundell discuss Rochdale's transport infrastructure hotspots. Credit: Place North West, Broadway Malyan and Rochdale Council

PODCAST | Best practices for developing around transit hubs

Julia Hatmaker

Regenerating brownfield sites surrounding transport infrastructure is the key topic in this podcast with Rochdale Council, Broadway Malyan and Place North West deputy editor Julia Hatmaker.

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As we push for more brownfield developments, creating communities around areas like train stations seems like a no-brainer. Using the Rochdale Rail Corridor as a jumping-off point, Broadway Malyan’s Danny Crump and Rochdale Council’s cabinet member for economy Cllr John Blundell give a crash course on maximising the potential of these transport infrastructure hotspots.

Questions asked in this podcast:

  • Why should we be looking at transit areas for development?
  • What are the challenges facing developing in these areas?
  • What are the best ways to develop around transport infrastructure?
  • How is Rochdale, in particular, tackling these kinds of developments?

This episode was sponsored by Rochdale Development Agency, which drives investment, economic development and regeneration in Rochdale and the surrounding areas. Current major RDA projects include Upperbanks, the Rochdale Rail Corridor and the Heritage Action Zone. For more information, visit

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