Everton Road
Proposed view of development from Everton Road. c. UAN Architects

Plans submitted for £5.5m apartment building in Liverpool

Julia Hatmaker

Developer HLS Liverpool wants to demolish a derelict building to construct 47 apartments by Everton Park, under plans designed by UAN Architecture.

Next to Rupert Lane Recreation Ground on Everton Road, the proposed building will sit on a 14,800 sq ft site. That land is still occupied by a deteriorating event hall known as The View Function Suite, which has no roof. What remains of the building has been subject to vandalism.

The proposed 48,000 sq ft apartment building would offer both one and two-bedroom units across five floors. The basement would have parking for 37 vehicles, including two electric vehicle parking bays. There would also be storage for up to 46 bicycles.

Everton Road 2

View of the proposed development facing Everton Park. c. UAN Architects

UAN Architecture adjusted the design to fit nearby Georgian terraces, many of which are grade two-listed buildings. Like those terraces, the apartment building would be set back two metres from the pavement and have low railings. Plans call for a largely brick building, with painted metal cladding as contrast on the upper floors.

Residents and guests would enter the building from Everton Road, while vehicles would access it from Fitzclarence Way, a side street.

Liverpool City Council is considering the application, but it is not the first time the council has heard of the scheme. A pre-planning application enquiry for the project was sent to the authority in 2019.

E3 Cube is the project manager and quantity surveyor, while Caulmert is the transport consultant.

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Will be good to see this project constructed, which will bring life to this part of Everton Road, the fine Georgian terrace opposite, though mostly refurbished and occupied ,still has a section which needs restoration and rebuilding.
In the meantime Legacie has resumed the development on nearby Low Hill, now re-named The Element.

By Anonymous

An attractive and restrained piece of architecture that will create a landmark building. Let’s hope the council support the proposal.
The views across the brow will be impressive.

By Anonymous

It looks like Anywhereville. Some people are happy with that…as long as its development.

By Bixteth Boy

I don’t see how it fits with the Georgian Terraces? However the residents of this block will get exactly what the event hall was – a fantastic view. I would be unhappy if I lived in the houses over the road – as this will block theirs though!
Appears that Everton is taking off slightly with the resi and apartment blocks being built. Lets hope it gets some much needed funding. Everton Park is a fantastic park with views over whole of Liverpool.

By Lizzy

I’ve become so disillusioned by the number of projects that go for planning approval or get rubber-stamped without any landscaping consideration whatsoever. With the perilous state of our planet, shouldn’t developers, planners and LAs consent to/stipulate that every project has to ‘give back’ something to the community in the form of greening, city-suitable trees, planters, shrubberies etc. Other cities, particularly those in Europe, do it… why on earth are we so lacking in imagination and aesthetics? Surely our children/grandchildren deserve it!

By Keith

To the poster who said this block is like “Anywhereville”,maybe if developers were allowed to build taller then it would stand out, but it is contemporary design and that`s a fairly universal look.
As regards the poster who wanted greenery , Everton Park is next door, wirh acres of grass , trees and shrubs.

By Anonymous