One Heritage Tower Salford

Plans in for Salford’s tallest tower

Following a public consultation earlier this month, One Heritage has wasted no time in submitting a planning application for the 55-storey tower at Salford’s Greengate.

The 545-apartment scheme would be the tallest in Salford and the second-tallest in Manchester if built, and is being developed by One Heritage Property Developments, established by a Hong Kong-based fund to bring forward the scheme.

Designed by OMI Architects, the scheme at New Bridge Street includes a walkway through the base of the podium, and public realm.

At the consultation event earlier this month, the developer’s representatives told Place North West the project would start on site next year, subject to planning.

Sales of apartments are being co-ordinated by One Heritage Holding Group. In the UK, One Heritage is led by Jason Upton, based in Manchester, and Yiu Tak Cheung, based in Hong Kong.

Euan Kellie Property Solutions is advising on planning. Layer Landscape Architects is developing the public realm and riverside link. The professional team also includes Crookes Walker Consulting; SK Transport; GIA; Omega Fire; Box Clever Consulting; and DP Squared.

Awais Shahid, director of Atzaro Real Estate and project director for One Heritage said: “We are delighted that our landmark regeneration proposals have now been submitted to Salford City Council, the project team have created a truly unique building which will be a welcome addition to the skyline.

“I would like to thank residents who attended our recent consultation event and it was great to see the strong levels of support for our project and the benefits that it will bring to Greengate and the wider area. We are already in talks with a lead contractor to deliver the project and we hope following a successful determination, we can commence construction in late 2020.”

Nick Berry of OMI Architects added: “It’s fantastic to see plans for One Heritage Tower take a step forward today with this planning application and that local residents are supportive of the iconic design we have developed for the scheme.

“We have worked closely with Salford City Council to create a building that not only ties in with Salford’s aspirations for the area but will make a significant contribution to the skyline of this emerging quarter of the city.”

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Love this…hope it actually gets built

By Steve

When will high rise developments stop?
When we can only see a few inches of sky!
Or when our children are asking mummy what is sky.
Not all development is progress!

By D vaughan

They need to sort Strangeways area out. It is an embarrassment,with this burgeoning area on its doorstep. A shanty town two minutes from the second city of the 5th biggest economy in the world, is not a good look Manchester.

By Elephant

@Elephant – The Great Ducie Street SRF is a step in the right direction for the area around Strangeways, as are the forthcoming developments on the former Boddington’s Brewery.

By Anonymous

I would rather have skyscrapers on a very smaller footprint than a housing estate which wrecks acres and acres of countryside. They are building in an area already developed so less impact on the countryside and lesser congestion

By Alan

There’s room for a lot more towers yet, we’re only just starting.

By Anon

Who on earth will fly from the like of America , Hong Kong etc to this place , absolutely no one with any sence , runaway airport actually has more visitors than Manchester

By MrRight


By MrRight

Its in the city centre, and there really aren’t that many high rise developments – any major city will have its share of high rise developments. This tower is to contain over 500 properties, if we don’t build tall, where would we find room in the city centre for this amount of properties.

By Anonymous

Manchester has the third most visitors after London and Edinburgh and a growing Chinese population Mr.Right. I think that you will find there is a reason why Manchester airport is a success and that is because unlike other Northern airports, people want to fly between more than Tenerife and Alicante.

By Elephant

Jeez there are some dire comments on below but one or two sensible ones. This is an extraordinary ambition from the developer and the city (combined as two).
You mancunians and salfordians should be grateful that so many wan tto live, work, play and study here and I know 99.5% are. Hence, this city has had and will have years of growth and prosperity, Yes, there’s not enough social housing, yes, we could all do with more in our pocket and yes, the transport is rubbish at time but honestly, we’re beating london on many fronts. Pukka up – there is a lot to smile about and be proud of with this combined city of manchester and salford.

By MIchael Howard urbanbubble

@D vaughan ALL development is progress. Whether it’s good or bad development is another thing but it’s still progress.

By Anon

The reason why we need more social housing is because we keep selling it off at a (up to 70%) discount through Right to Buy. This needs to end immediately! Why should someone be able to buy their home at a massively discounted price and then sell it 5 years later at market value! Doesnt make any sense in this day and age.

By Steve

When will green belt development stop?
When we can only see a few inches of grass!
Or when our children are asking mummy what is grass!
Not all development is progress!

By Idiot

Michael Howard @urbanbubble is spot – on. Thousands of Salford City Council residents now live within the inner ring road, which most people acknowledge as Manchester City Centre. Manchester & Salford is indeed one city with a population of 850,000 – 900,000. Secondly, this aesthetically striking building is a welcome addition to an interesting cluster developing in this area : 88metres, 130 metres (built) & 110 metres (under construction). It will look more attractive than the four skyscrapers at the bottom of Deansgate imo.

By Bilderburg Attendee

It’s actually Liverpool 3rd Manchester is 9th

By Anonymous

Salford is becoming massively over crowded but never mind the massive increase in traffic into the city. The council will be happy collecting the council tax from the massive influx of people to the city. Strange really because the council tax is just another name for tge poll tax strange really being labour the only council to ever run Salford were so against.

By Peter