Partington Apartments March 2019
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Plans in for Partington apartments

The former Partington Sports and Social club is due to be demolished to make way for 24 apartments under plans submitted to Trafford Council.

The club has been closed since it was devastated by a fire in January last year; the site also includes a car park which borders Warburton Lane and Bailey Lane.

The proposals, put forward by Grays Architecture on behalf of TSA Property Management, are for a three-storey apartment block, featuring 24 two-bedroom flats, along with a 28-space car park. All of these will be brought forward as affordable in partnership with an as-yet-unnamed registered provider.

At this stage, the planning application is in outline form, and a public consultation could follow when more details of the scheme are released at reserved matter stage, if outline plans are approved.

Partington is set to see significant development in the coming years with a large portion of the neighbouring land in Carrington allocated for green belt release under the emerging Greater Manchester Spatial Framework.

Last summer, Galliford Try Partnerships and Trafford Housing Trust submitted plans for the first 148 homes at a former gas storage site in Partington as part of a wider £100m project.

The housebuilder and the housing trust formed a joint venture in November 2017 and revealed proposals to build as many as 600 houses on site at Heath Farm Lane, which backs on to Carrington Moss.

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Can you please tell me how on earth the roads are going to cope, it’s bad enough now, there is only one road from Urmston to Lymm, to take an already overload of traffic.

By Patricia Ryan

If all these houses are being built then what about making extra roads to accommodate the congestion as the road in and of the village is really bad as it is

By Kay

whats point building all these homes, when there,s no pubs anything for night out in our own town,

By Anonymous

Another example of design not fit for the local area, without major traffic solutions Manchester Road will become a car park within the next few years. I hope Trafford Council Planning come to their senses and see that dumping a huge number of homes along Manchester Road is not the answer to the Housing Crisis.

By Fatalist

It’s all very well building more homes we have LIMIT shops ,one Pub,No Restaurants and only one Road in and out the people who work will soon lose there jobs due to lateness hence the one road its a nightmare Now. They even close our road and the lanes for marathons making us unable to go anywhere .

By Anonymous

Getting beyond a joke now. Every single scrap of land is being taken for new housing that will not be sold. People will not buy in an area where they can’t get to and from work because the only road in and out is backed up with congestion. Plus where are they going to get Drs treatment, dental care, schooling for children, shopping, etc.. These things are barely adequate for the people who live here now. … Lymm wouldn’t allow it so why should we…. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

By Anonymous

It’s a joke, we don’t need more houses, why don’t you build on old factory sites instead of taking up greenbelt land. One road in and out of Carrington and Partington already congested and your suggestion is to bring in more people, more cars… really.

By Julie

As a resident of Partington I agree with comments made here. Proposed building of houses and retail units is causing too much strain on the core infrastructure. Not a week goes by and something else is happening…the bubble has to burst at some point soon!!

By Anon

I think it should stay a pub it was doing so well shouldn’t let on little hickup make a massive matter, re open the pub give us back the entertainment the only entertainment we had In partington

By Anonymous

What about the poppy remembrance garden on this site?

By Anonymous

Needs stay a pub. Nothing to do in partington as it is. Certainly don’t need more homes

By Anonymous

I think more homes are a great idea being that I love Partington and would like to move into a smaller home in the area. The only problem is traffic congestion, please build another road and more commercial complex so that everyone will be happy and employed.

By Grace