Parr Street Apartments
The scheme would comprise 12,000 sq ft of retail with hotel and flats above

Plans in for Parr Street mixed-use scheme

Dan Whelan

An application to build a six to eight-storey development across four blocks incorporating a hotel and 114 apartments has been submitted to Liverpool City Council. 

The site spans 33-55 Parr Street in the Ropewalks area of the city centre, and includes the Parr Street Studios building which will be refurbished.

Chris Taylor and Rich Turvey who run the recording studio are “exploring some alternative options” in terms of finding a new premises, according to a statement.

News of the development has sparked anger on social media among members of the public who oppose the scheme.

Parr Street Studios has played host to a number of high-profile artists including Black Sabbath, Bjork and Justin Bieber.

Some of the existing buildings on the plot would be demolished under the plans submitted by applicant PJ Percival Construction.

The roof terrace on the Parr Street Studios building would also be removed and replaced with a two-storey extension taking the building to seven storeys. 

The ground floors would contain 12,000 sq ft of retail space with the residential and hotel elements above. 

The project would be delivered across two phases with the extension and refurbishment of the Parr Street Studios building planned first. This would contain 28 hotel rooms and 56 apartments, according to the application. 

This would be followed by the construction of a new six-storey structure containing 12 apartments and eight hotel rooms at the adjacent number 33. 

Parr Street Apartments 2

The final part of phase one would see the existing buildings at 43 to 45 demolished with the construction of an eight-storey building containing a further 24 apartments in its place. 

The second phase would see the construction of the final eight-storey block built on the site of demolished warehouse buildings spanning numbers 47 to 55. This block would contain the remaining 22 apartments. 

The planner for the project is Mosaic Town Planning, and Architecture JD has drawn up the proposals. 

PJ Percival Construction is a Liverpool-based construction firm headed up by Peter Percival. 

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No doubt will sail through planning aided by Gary Millar’s interest in Parr Street Studios.

By John Smith

cracking scheme happy to have helped from the highways advice side

By Alan

What will happen to part street studios

By George

Love this part of Liverpool, Manchester’s Northern Quarter could be like this if MCC has a clue

By Dan

The design isn’t too shabby but the fenestration is terrible. Why oh why do these blank windows seem to be in demand. If you put some Art Deco panes in the larger building and some sash style warehouse ones in the smaller one, it would look great.

By Acelius

Positive development in a generally archaic area ….architecturally….unlike other parts of the city…Victorian and Edwardian build does not look or feel particularly attractive….will lighten the space and place up a bit…but…..when ?

By Anonymous

Pure cultural vandalism

By John

We’re tenant in Studio 2 where many of the worlds best artists have recorded.
Wave goodbye to one of very few Arts and Grassroots Music venues.

By David

Absolute silence on the loss of Parr Street Studios, which is depressing.

By Mike

What will happen to the future generation of musicians, songwriters etc etc who if these apartments get the go ahead, would of been able to rehearse, record and hone their skills in the studio at part street? The very culture that visitors worldwide go crazy for is created in these places. I think in general it’s a poor idea. These places should be protected at all costs.

By Hockey

Not one comment about the destruction of the city’s main music street ? Absolutely disgusting.

By Michael Dunne

Save parr st studios / venue / and the attic bar .. No to new plans

By John mcglone

If only LCC pushes for better quality infill development and tried to attract more business-minded entrepreneurs and small businesses (rather than being dependent on public grants) this area could be as vibrant as Manchester’s Northern Quarter.

By Danny

This is a brilliant venue and would be such a loss to a city that is in part defined by music. A definite no to the new plans.

By Deb Rothwell

An absolute disgrace.
One of the main reasons visitors come to Liverpool is because of its popular culture heritage. It’s sold worldwide by LCC and yet to host these tourists the proposal is to remove one of the most iconic places in that popular culture.
It’s pure greed and if this plan is approved without the caveat that Studiio2 and Parr Street Studios are retained then it will be akin to the day they demolished the Cavern to make way for a car park.

By Ian

It would be an absolute shame to lose something as important as Parr Street Studios. You may as well say goodbye to Liverpool’s music scene if you get rid of that! Should be ashamed.

By Lauren

This will be a great loss to the music industry locally and far and wide. This must be the one of the worst councils and councillors we have ever had!

By Liverpolitis

Parr Street Studios has an owner, and you can’t demolish a building without the permission of the owner.

If people are upset about the destruction of a key Liverpool institution then perhaps they ought to take the matter up with one of Liverpool’s deputy mayors. Ya-know, one of those people who are meant to look out for the city?

If you can’t find him I would try looking on Joe Anderson’s arm or at property development soirees.

By Jenny

The studio’s team have since issued a statement on this stating they’re looking for alternative premises and the current building would require considerable investment to upgrade facilities. Hopefully they find something suitable to continue.

By L17

Aesthetically, one of the better schemes recently proposed in Liverpool (and if you look carefully, there is a sash window layout on the fenestration on the large block). Decent massing of horizontals and verticals help prevent this being a dump long block.


Liverpool’s glory days are officially over if this goes

By Anonymous