Clayton Le Woods 115 Scheme
The development would sit alongside the caravan park

Plans in for Clayton-le-Woods rental homes

Monaco Nell Lane, a company headed up by local businessman Kai Chu Wong, has submitted an application for a 115-home development next to Campbells Park Homes caravan park in Chorley.

The scheme, on an 8.5-acre site south of Nell Lane, would be made up of  two- and three-bedroom semi-detached homes, plus detached four-bedroom houses, all available for private rent. 

The site had once been earmarked for an extension of the caravan park. Consent for the siting of 52 caravans was granted in 2013, but the project never progressed. 

The scheme has sparked controversy among locals who are unhappy that the application process is ongoing despite the current restrictions due to Covid-19.

If the latest scheme is approved, the developer intends to deliver “significant off-site improvement works to Nell Lane, including traffic calming measures”, according to Lichfields, the planning consultant for the project. 

Simon Pemberton, senior director and head of Lichfield’s Manchester office, said: “The proposals are of high-quality design, situated within a sustainable location for this type of scheme. 

“The site has been identified as suitable for housing and in an area where Chorley Borough Council wants to direct growth and investment.” 

DLA Design is the architect for the scheme.  

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I think there’s enough houses without more, the road isn’t wide enough to accommodate the extra traffic.

By B ball

Oh my God, not another estate. We will be joining up with Preston at this rate,we have just had over 3 hundred houses built south of this project and it is just not acceptable.Our countryside is disappearing rapidly within this area.Lancaster lane is like the M1,now the junction at the bottom of it cannot cope with the traffic.We live on the edge of this new housing estate and the problems we have had with the developer is awful.We are totally against this application.

By Les Roberts

Move the application for the site to where the Ikea was going to be built ,

By Ts

How bad can it get. What’s happening to our lovely countryside? Yes, move it to the IKEA site which has already been trashed.

By Stan B

The road is not wide enough to accommodate this and the Council planning department has already refused permission for access on Nell Lane once. The original plans were approved with access from Parkhurst Avenue. Nell Lane is simply not wide enough, its not much wider than a standard family car and already requires drivers to slow down to a crawl to pass each other.

By Anonymous

The current plans for this proposed estate are flawed. Chorley Borough council planning deemed that Nell lane is not suitable to allow traffic to enter a new estate on this development – it is far too dangerous. Nell lane is a ‘lane’ not a dual carriageway! It is seen as the gateway to Cuerden valley park which is a biological heritage site. Walkers, dog owners, cyclists, horse riders all use this lane to access the parklands -its becoming a nightmare due to excess traffic, pot holes and flooding. Do Not Allow access to this development from Nell lane!!!

By A Burgess

This has already been refused by the council regarding access from nell lane, this is a country lane not a main road. Let’s for once think of the people who live there and not just build houses without thinking a bit more of local people’s concerns.

By Anonymous

Nell lane is not wide enough and has been refused once with the council, why not move the houses were the ikea site was going to be,

By Anonymous

Used to take my dog for a walk down Nell Lane. It is beautiful countryside, once again about to be destroyed. I thought an Englishmans home was his Castle?. Really !!

By F. G.