Blackpool Apartments
The existing buildings would be demolished as part of the scheme

Plans in for Blackpool apartments

Dan Whelan

An outline application for the construction of a four-storey apartment block on Boothley Road has been submitted. 

The development would provide 8,000 sq ft of housing across 14 two-bedroom apartments close to Blackpool town centre. 

The site is currently occupied by a three-storey office block being used by the Well Church, as well as a single-storey warehouse most recently occupied by a self-storage provider but now vacant. 

The existing buildings would be demolished as part of the project. 

The applicant is Michelle Naylor, listed on Companies House as director of a firm called Savoy Sports and Leisure, which owns a further three properties in Blackpool including two on nearby Talbot Road. 

RDJ Creative has drawn up plans for the scheme. 

The surrounding area has been subject to several developments in recent years.  

In the immediate vicinity, plans for 25 affordable homes on a neighbouring site, lodged by local builder Tyson Construction, were approved by the council last year, while phase two of Talbot Gateway, which includes a £23.4m tramway extension and a 144-bedroom Holiday Inn and restaurant, is underway.  

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Em’ nice area where do I sign!!!

By Chris

Blackpool’s coming back!!!

By Brian wild

Why not renovate some of the empty hotels on the promenade?

By Rob dooley

Central drive is a disgrace to Blackpool everyone who lives in and around the area fed up with living there and being forgotten. The rest of the town is getting a makeover and new buildings going up, ie hotels, new homes, but we never hear that central drive is going to be included in any of this. It’s the poorest place in Blackpool, why should good people have to live with this? Members of the council would not live there so why expect everybody else to live in central drive. If it’s not good enough for you, it’s not good enough for us.

By Anonymous

Anything nice going to be built in or on the empty hotels opposite the King Eddie pub near Central car park.
Where I live on havelock Street it has suddenly turned into a load of rubbish as the hotels are empty?

By Debra

Totally agree about renovating hotels on prom

By Anonymous

Demolish, what about retaining the architectual beauty for future generations to appreciate !!!

By Jon

Should we not just demolish Blackpool and start again?

By Anonymous

Get the whole of Blackpool sea front and two streets back, blown up, and start again

By Mark

Absolutely love Blackpool! Though I also would prefer to see some of the empty run down hotels modernised/other areas tidier.

By Faye Sheppard

Council don’t have a clue about improving Blackpool. What about the local community who have to put up with poorly maintained pavements and roads, green spaces being developed on. Blackpool can’t look after what they have never mind building new. Sticking plaster policies , in ten years these buildings will look tired and run down when the operators move out it will be left to the clowncil to maintain them and pick up the tab again at the expense of the…. Yes you guessed it the locals.

By Chris


By James

Though I don’t live on it, I have to agree with the comments about Central Drive and the empty hotel end down approaching the Amusment park end where the only amusement is the cost to get in there

By Incomer

What is it with Blackpool council, they build an extension to the tram system, that looks good, but 75% of local residents didn’t want it. (Some of the new works are a breath of fresh air such as the new winter gardens conference area and the new accommodations) going on on south promenade. But at the same time it ruined most of the businesses in that area? Why have they let areas such as central drive, bond street, lytham road chapple street and cookson street areas go to ruin, with unscrupulous landlords buying up properties at discount rates, and then leaving them to rot or letting them off to rent, some of which are unsuitable for human occupation. These social hubs of local areas need to be sorted out as they have become ghettos.

By Tony

Please will the Council listen to the pleas of the residents. Too many areas are a complete embarrassment to us all.

By Shirley Cain

I appreciate that the council want to improve the town centre. However, the real Blackpool, where we all live is being forgotten. We, the locals, are paying for all this development to the benefit of visitors, who come each weekend, get drunk and ruin our town,. They appreciate nothing. What do we actually get out of it? Nothing. Come on Council, look after the ones who are here 365 and pay your wages. Blackpool will never be good again until the locals have pride in where they live.

By Julia Harvey

Looks like a 1950s telephone exchange, abutting a pre-war terrace.

Quite unique, I think.

By North by North-West