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Plans in for £300m Northgate after decade of thought

A planning application has been submitted for the £300m Northgate project in Chester, incorporating the responses from two consultation events held in the past six months, and setting a start on site date of September 2017.

Northgate has spent more than a decade as a priority item on the development agenda in Chester without ever starting on site. A masterplan first emerged in 2011 and was then reworked after developer Rivington Land was appointed in July 2014 to steer the scheme through the planning and development process. Architect ACME and surveyor JLL advise Rivington.

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The £300m project aims to deliver around 500,000 sq ft of new retail, restaurant and leisure facilities which, if approved, will be built over two phases of construction.

Phase one, which is forecast to start in autumn 2017, will see the development of two restaurants within the shell of the current library building, a new market hall replacing the current Chester Market, a six-screen cinema and a 167-bedroom hotel and conference centre, as a replacement for the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

The Crowne Plaza, Forum Shopping Centre and several other buildings on the site would be demolished in 2019. Work would then begin on the second phase of construction to create the main retail offer, department store and residential.

More than 1,100 people visited two public exhibitions held in Chester in December and March, and the scheme has developed in response to comments made by the public and by statutory consultees. Changes include adjustments to height, improvements to public realm, additional entrances to buildings and vehicle access points.

David Lewis, managing director of Rivington Land, said: “We are at a point where we have sufficient confidence in the commercial market prospects of the Northgate Scheme to advise the Council to make this application for a major redevelopment of the city centre. We have worked hard with the Council and consultees to fine tune the detailed design of Chester Northgate to ensure the best possible fit with the city’s needs and the demands of retailers and other commercial interests.”

Once the planning application has been lodged there will be a formal 16-week period of statutory consultation on the scheme proposals, leading to a decision by the planning committee in early autumn.

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Hope Cheshire west and Chester council is going to use private money and not public money as the money spent in the mid/North Cheshire town of northwich has been nothing more than a disaster.

Road infrastructure, the shopping district and housing it could not of gone more Badly. The council have given the town projects which the people of northwich
said were short sighted, lack of planning, lack of vision, and will not deliver real benefits.

It’s like here you go we will make cosmetic changes to your town with a bit of money – then you an lump it! please please please get northwich out of this marriage of convenience with Cheshire west and Chester council. chester East or GMC please come and get us like you nearly did in 1974

By northwich town

Its great to see that Cheshire West and Chester are taking positive action to help improve our county.

The work currently being at Barons Quay, Northwich, looks outstanding. As I Northwich resident I’m really looking forward to the opening of the Barons Quay and I believe it will make a great addition to our town.

Its particularly interesting as planning for the development in Northwich was started at the same time as Cheshire East started planning the Silk Street development in Macclesfield.

The development in Northwich currently under construction, with the first part of the scheme set to open this winter, yet in Macclesfield the scheme has totally flopped.

We all know that Councillors can ‘talk the talk’, but it actually goes to show that CWaC know what they’re doing

By Northwich Resident

For starters why on earth did you decided to bring Macclesfield into it I just don’t know! The majority of Northwich people know we have been short changed on all the development plans and not properly consulted! and you obvioulsy forgot to tell our precious audience that the second phase of barons quay has been cancelled!

we told the council no more supermarkets and not one on barons quay
(so they approve 68,000 sqt asda store) we told them someone is going to loose out in the future so the council disregard the views of the people of northwich and what happens 20 odd people lose there jobs. why! because the co-op closes down! why! because they built a waitrose! that’s besides a tesco, sainsburys, marks and Spencer’s, lidl, Aldi, within 1 square mile.

We are getting nearly 6,000 houses in and around Northwich (population at moment is 75,000) on a Victorian road network that cannot cope! Cheshire west and Chester council have not got a clue! they wouldn’t know strategic planning if they tripped over it! they are like headless chickens who don’t have any proper direction.

it’s like we will dress it up here and there and change a roundabout. that will keep northwich quiet for a while! but no strategic stuff! no through roads!

It”s like they have done everything back to front lets do the development and 6,000 houses and dress up road system. then guess what we as residents have to deal with the road traffic problems! here’s a tip for you! if enjoy substandard and second best that’s what you’ll always get!

Cheshire west and Chester council are detested by many in northwich
but then again there’s always a few who like sub standard buildings which look like giant warehouses and obviously your one of them.

By am a northwich resident too!

totally agree with “northwich town” Cheshire west and Chester council have definitely let northwich residents down!

By northwicher

My reason for including Macclesfield was because in the comment made by ‘Northwich Town’ the person making the comment stated that they wanted to be part of Cheshire East, where Macclesfield is located!

Also, just to confirm the second phase of the scheme has NOT been cancelled. Originally the second phase consisted of 11 shops and a hotel & flats. However, a decision has now been made to reduce this to 7 shops and remove the hotel and flats.

The council are instead looking to relocate the proposed hotel to the site of the existing council offices on Chester Way. The hotel will form part of the Weaver Square redevelopment.

PS. – Your description of Barons Quay as a ‘Giant Warehouse’ shows that you have no knowledge of true architecture.

By Northwich Resident

I agree with Northwich resident, the Barons Quy development looks stunning , especially the cinema.

I look forward to the grand opening later this year.

lets hope the Northgate development looks as nice as Barons quay

By Northwich born and bred

@northwich resident too, This is the problem with trying to expand commuter towns rather than taking a strategic view of them as part of a larger, linked conurbation within Manchester or Liverpool City Regions.

Proper strategic planning would see housing built only where it can be genuinely accommodated given the capacity of existing infrastructure rather than forcing each council to demonstrate a 5 year supply of housing land.

By Planner