PWA Planning Goosnargh August 2018

Plans in for 140-home Lancashire village development

Acting on behalf of housing provider Community Gateway Association, planner PWA has submitted an application for a 140-home development on a greenfield site in Goosnargh, near Preston.

The application, a joint project between the local landowner and Community Gateway, covers a 21.5-acre site at Bushells Farm, off Mill Lane, which falls outside the designated area of separation located to the West and South of Goosnargh.

These areas have been designated in Preston’s Local Plan to maintain the openness of the countryside and to prevent villages being merged together by overdevelopment.

Around 45% of the two-storey homes will be designated as affordable, while there will also be a community green and a public car park included as part of the plans. The car park will be accessed via Church Lane while the main site access will be via Mill Lane, and new footpaths and cycleways will link the development to existing infrastructure.

Paul Walton, director at PWA Planning, said: “This scheme would provide a high-quality residential development that would also make an important contribution to the council’s affordable housing provision over the coming years.

“It would also offer benefits to existing residents through improved pedestrian footpaths between the site and the village, enabling village residents to use the new green space and car park.”

Louise Mattinson, executive director of customers and communities at Community Gateway Association, added: “We are delighted to be involved in this development as it provides affordable housing in a popular location where there are few alternative affordable options.

“Being involved in the design and the application means we can provide more affordable housing and homes that are of a suitable size and quality to meet the needs of the local community.”

The professional team on the project also includes Woodcroft Design.

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I disagree with this planning development deeply because it is ruining farm land and destroying farming businesses. Not only that Goosnargh is a small happy traditional village where kids can play safety have fun but this will change when it becomes busier. When it becomes busier the villages element will be taken away they have been building all over land in Preston it is disgraceful.Nobody has even been purchasing these houses because they are poor quality and built on any land they can find. It is ruining the precious land of our county and destroying nature’s habitats. There will be a big protest against this by the village.

By Nicole cornall

If this gets built I will assure you that are village will protest and advise people not to buy these cheap houses. Our word will be spread you are ruining are village I have lived here all my life on a nice friendly farm. This village has amazing qualities and it should stay the same it has been like this for many centuries. They are ugly and disgusting houses I have heard many complaints about this. Every body comments on how the village is beautiful and quiet and it has maintained this for years. All this company is bothered about is making money and that’s what ruins people that’s what ruins the environment.

By Nicole cornall

Nicole, you literally haven’t seen the houses yet so cannot comment on their appearance? And the protest will have no affect as people will still always want to buy new good quality houses. You are blowing a lot of hot air, calm down and enjoy the new houses


Nicole appears to be a ‘Banana’. Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anyone.

By Same Old Housebuilder Bashing

Nicole’s comments remind me of a programme I saw once about the building a new estate in the Ribble Valley.A posse of locals were not happy at this and placards came out from the usual suspects.One woman curtly said. “We don’t need them here.Why don’t they build them in Burnley?” It appears that young people with children starting out are expected to live on Brownfield sites to preserve the sensibilities of those in these villages. Everywhere in Britain was a Greenfield site at one time including Central Manchester.

By Elephant

Lets get this straight, the Preston council in there wisdom sold off the old whittingham hospital for housing development (which is across the road from this NEW proposal) the housing developer the bought that land to build Affordable housing knocked the hospital down and THEN built on the green field site next to it and has not yet built on where the old hospital stood. This is an absolute disgrace and the council should be pursuing that site first before grabbing more green fields – as it happens the developer doesn’t want to build anymore houses (which they already have approval for) one can only presume they are struggling to sell them. So WHY does the council won’t to spoil our / my village with over developing areas when there are clearly better options. This Preston council should grow a pair and get there act together and start coming down on developers that promise things when they start building then don’t fulfil there promises.

By Goosnargh Resident

I think it’s a really good idea for families that want to get out of the city, and I would love to live near a greener, cleaner place, with less pollution and safe for my kids to play, and have the chance to live life away from traffic and a fast moving life, and a place to chill and relax, and preston needs more new builds if you ask me. I’m hoping to move there if the plans get approved.

By Clare