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Plans for the Inland Border Facility in Holyhead. Credit: via planning documents

Plans for Brexit customs facility in Holyhead progress

Julia Hatmaker

HMRC is moving forward with its plans to transform the Road King Truck Stop into an Inland Border Facility, submitting a request for a formal environmental impact assessment screening opinion.

The request, which was crafted by Knights, states that the site is more than 20 acres and is located at the north-western end of Parc Cybi. Plans for the site include having parking areas for HGVs and facilities for checking the vehicles and goods that come through the site, as well as office buildings and welfare facilities for both staff and drivers.

IBFs act as physical checkpoints for the inspection of goods imported from and exported to the European Union. They are created in areas where the existing ports do not have the capacity to conduct the checks, in this case the Port of Holyhead.

According to Knights, the IBF at Parc Cybi would be able to process up to 350 HGVs every 24 hours.

Under the plans, the truck stop’s main building would be repurposed as the main IBF office. A single-storey extension would be constructed to serve as additional office and admin space. The truck stop building would also have lockers, meeting rooms, kitchen and dining areas, and a multi-faith room.

A second area, with offices, a reception area and welfare facilities for drivers would be located on the eastern part of the site. There would also be nine gatehouses on the site.

Looking to learn more? The application’s reference number with Anglesey Council is SCR/2021/79.

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All this unnecessary cost and disruption. Brexit is just utterly pointless isn’t it – unless you’re the landowner or work at this facility here I guess.

By The Brexit Elite

The amount of freight that moves directly between Ireland and mainland Europe has quadrupled since the Brexit vote. This trend will continue due to uncertainty in the UK. This facility may not be necessary in the future

By Audrey Gaffney

It’s now only a matter of time before the UK breaks up, so they’ll probably be needed in Carlisle and Berwick as well.

By Billy No Mates