Gatley Golf Course
The proposed housing, in a lighter shade, take up plots either side of the railway, with the A34 to the east. Credit: planning documents

Plans for 300 homes at Gatley Golf Club advance

Neil Tague

Outline proposals from Hollins Strategic Land have been lodged for the site off Styal Road in the Stockport suburb.

Broadway Malyan is the masterplan architect for the 44-acre site, which currently houses a privately-owned nine-hole golf club. The scheme as it laid out at present includes 297 homes, of which 50% will be affordable homes.

BM heads a professional team also including Nexus Planning, Croft, Tyler Grange, UCML, Professional Consult and Brownfield Solutions.

The Waterfall Brook plans involve areas of open space linking to Rose Vale Park to the south, while public footpaths through the site will be retained. The site is bisected by the railway to Manchester Airport, with Cheadle Royal to the east.

The site is mostly surrounded by housing, with further large open space areas to the north at Gatley Hill and Scholes Park, and on the western side of Styal Road. The plans were validated last week by Stockport Council.

HSL said that there will be a focus within the scheme on retirement housing, including bungalows. Along with the housing, the plans include the retention of the clubhouse for use as a community hub – potentially to house flexible workspace, a café or creche – with the Heald Green Community Theatre building also to be retained.

Access to the site’s western parcel will be from an improved route in from Pymgate Lane, while the eastern portion will be accessed from two new points on Grasmere Road and Troutbeck Road.

Public consultation was held at the start of this year on the plans, contributing to submitted designs that show illustrative layouts featuring the main residential part will be in the east, with “later living” west of the railway. There could be some self-build plots in the western part, with allotments abutting the railway and a village green.

Hollins Strategic Land is based in central Manchester and works nationally as a land promoter.

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Need to get more on sites like this if we’re to accept losing the green spaces. If houses are about 60% of the site its only about 28 dwellings per hectare.

By Gethin

Let’s hope that this includes some affordable housing.

By Anonymous

This will inevitably put a lot of pressure on narrow surrounding roads in the area such as Styal Road. There does appear to be some areas of greenery in the plans which is positive however.

By Marcus Wright

As resident of Foxland Road I feel we are already over burdened with trafic. To increase this is going to make life unbearable.

By Mr B J Byrne.

Lots of promises on that expensive land…but this is for Outline permission only at the moment…expect lots to change once the words like “viability” start coming up…

By RealityCheck