Longman Drive Hotel FCH
Cosgrove North West plans a 150-bedroom hotel on Longman Drive in Speke

PLANNING | Liverpool approves 200 hotel rooms

Two hotels and a 70-home affordable housing scheme were given the green light by Liverpool City Council, while plans for a Home Bargains store were refused.


Longman Drive Hotel

FCH Longman Drive Hotel Velocity Leisure

Developer: Cosgrove North West

Architect: Falconer Chester Hall

Planner: J10 Planning

Rooms: 150

Cosgrove North West’s plans for a £10m, 150-bedroom hotel on Longman Drive off Speke Boulevard were approved by Liverpool’s planning committee this week.

The five-storey, 73,000 sq ft hotel will be built on a 1.7-acre site close to Liverpool John Lennon Airport.

Plans for a trampoline park on the site submitted by Velocity Leisure, a subsidiary of Cosgrove North West, which operates two similar parks in Widnes and Wigan, were approved in 2017 but never progressed.

Falconer Chester Hall is the architect for the scheme and J10 Planning is acting as planning consultant.

Stephen Fieldsend, associate director at Falconer Chester Hall, said: “The development will enhance the streetscape and provide an active frontage to Speke Boulevard.

“The hotel offers a key amenity that could be utilised by the many industries operating in Speke. The design is strong and bold, but with the provision of carefully considered hard and soft landscaping the hotel will sit well within its context.”

Steven Cosgrove, managing director of Cosgrove North West, the parent company of Velocity Leisure, said:“This site provides a prime location on a busy road in to Liverpool city centre and also in close proximity to Liverpool John Lennon airport.

“The hotel will create an inclusive environment to cater for a diverse range of users.”

Allerton Fire and Police Station

Allerton Police Station March 2020

Developer: Torus

Architect/planner: Halsall Lloyd Partnership Architects

Lead contractor: HMS

Units: Seven houses and 40 apartments

Torus has gained approval from the council for its £8m plan to redevelop the historic Allerton fire and police station on Mather Road in Liverpool, which closed in 2015 and has been awaiting redevelopment since.

The site is made up of four vacant buildings: a former police station, former fire station, a garage, and a pair of semi-detached houses that were previously fire service living quarters.

The residential scheme proposes two three-bedroom semi-detached houses, two three-bedroom and three four-bedroom townhouses in the former fire station, to be made available via shared ownership.

Alongside this, an independent living scheme for people aged over 55 will be created within the defunct police station, offering 40 apartments for affordable rent.

Part of the police station, plus the fire station tower and garages, will be demolished under the plans.

Chris Bowen, managing director of Torus Developments, said: “As a group with regeneration at its core, we’re working to transform disused local landmarks and re-purpose them to meet the current and future needs of our communities.

John Barrow, construction director at HMS, said: “Restoring Allerton fire and police station will undoubtedly be as challenging as it will be rewarding. As a contractor, we have years of experience working on technically complex projects, and this latest development will build on learnings gained from our experience undertaking similar high-profile refurbishment projects.”

Atlantic Corner Hotel

Atlantic Hotel Liverpool March 2020

Applicant: Veronica Boggan, Atlantic Corner Hotel

Architect: Fisk & Associates Architects

Planner: Plan 8 Town Planning

Rooms: 50

A six-storey hotel on the site of the existing two-storey Atlantic Corner Hotel, which closed its doors in 2016, has also been approved.

The plot is on the corner of Sandhills Lane and Regent Road, adjacent to Huskisson Dock. The applicant is the owner of the existing hotel building, Veronica Boggan, who proposes to demolish the site and build a larger hotel.

The landowner initially submitted an application in 2018 for a 100-bedroom hotel but, the scheme has since been halved in size after two public consultations.


Bridge House pub

Home Bargains Liverpool March 2020Applicant: T J Morris

Architect: WPL Consulting

Planner: Quod Planning

Size: 25,000 sq ft

A proposal for a Home Bargains store on a 1.9-acre site off Childwall Valley Road in Belle Vale was refused by the planning committee, contrary to the head of planning’s recommendations to approve the scheme.

The development would have seen the demolition of the former Bridge House pub which closed in 2015, and a William Hill bookmakers that had been labelled “dated and inefficient”, would have a substantial impact on adjacent commercial district and negatively impact on highways and residential amenity, according to the committee.

A spokesperson for the council said that the application could go back before the committee next month.

We will be discussing current and future schemes at Place North West‘s Liverpool Development Update at the Crowne Plaza, Liverpool city centre on 23 April. 

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You didn’t have to tell me who designed longman drive hotel it’s got boring old falconer Chester hall written all over it

By George

More hotels but no offices. We have got to get away from this Blackpoolification and the inferiority complex the city has. We have got to break the status quo and act like a bid city. After years of weak leadership our outlook needs to change.

By Michael McDonut

So the planning committee can go against the recommendations!

I’m astounded to learn this, given their track record of rubber stamping the copious numbers of appalling and often now stalled developments that have had “a substantial impact on adjacent commercial district and negatively impact on highways and residential amenity”, right in the very heart of our city.

A shame that it’s a decent Liverpool family company that actually operates a real business that’s getting the shake of the head. Hopefully they can work with the decision.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the planning committee were more selective going forward?

By Mike

We are delighted to have more hotels. Manchester commentators like to tell us we’re like Blackpool, we’re nothing like Blackpool, it’s jealousy! And we certainly don’t have an inferiority complex we are a global city, and we are the only city in the north that has been a global city from its birth.

By Liverpolitan

Agree Liverpolitan, all of these new schemes will make Liverpool look just like New York!

By Anonymous

Yes we do have a lot of filming in Liverpool , New York was inspired by Liverpool as we had the first Skyscraper in Europe

By Anonymous

Who wants to look like New York, when you can take inspiration from places like Copenhagen and Hamberg instead? Most New Yorkers I’ve met, like Londoners, have a terrible quality of life when compared to other cities, but end up trapped in the dazzle of the – big city lights!

By LiverpoolOne

Great to see the Allerton fire station being redeveloped..preserving an important building….featured in Beatles… song PENNY LANE …..quality homes in an iconic building

By George

Glad that home bargains bunch got a refusal, they’re a disgrace of a company. Minimum wage, treating its staff like dogs on 4 hour shifts, making them work past their allotted clocking out time. They’re a disgrace to Liverpool

By Cheesehead

We need hotels and offices to create jobs. Not just for us but for our children and our childrens children. Jobs from ice cream sellers to builders to build offices. I have never been to Manchester and I dont want to.

By Mary Malarkey

@Liverpolitan. Manchester commentators are getting on with their lives. They are not interested in, or ever mention Liverpool. I kid you not!

By Anonymous

“And we certainly don’t have an inferiority complex we are a global city, and we are the only city in the north that has been a global city from its birth.”


By Anonymous