Bericote Cgi
CGI of the M6Major scheme as submitted in 2017

Planning granted for Bericote’s £150m St Helens logistics scheme

The specialist developer of distribution space has been given the green light by St Helens Council to start work on two large warehouses totalling 1.4m sq ft at junction 23 of the M6, adjacent to the existing Haydock industrial estate.

The project will create a minimum of 2,500 jobs as well as generating more than £2m per year in business rates for St Helens Council, the developer stated.

Development director Keith Wilson said: “St Helens is ideally located for large-scale logistics development but for too long been missing out on investment in this sector, such as has been delivered at Omega in nearby Warrington.

“Bericote has a strong track record of delivering high quality distribution developments for the likes of Rolls-Royce and ASDA Walmart and we look forward to commencing work on the site later this year, with the first building being completed before the end of 2018.”

Working for ASDA, Bericote undertook site search, selection and development of the grocer’s 410,000 sq ft base at Omega in 2014.

The planning team for the Haydock development included Nathaniel Lichfield & Partners and Lexington Communications.

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There was fierce local opposition to this scheme with over 2000 objections being logged on the council’s Planning Portal. The objectors have requested the Secretary of State to call-in this decision.

By Devil's Advocate

Can only hope that the SOS calls this in. The planning system is archaic, the “money people” are riding roughshod over the majority of society and therefore the residents. If you have got time look at the video recording of the planning committee and decide for yourself. Listen to the arguments put forward by those opposing the build. The representitives opposing spoke sense and this was supported by evidence. Those for the build used non material planning consideration nonsense. It frightening that people who were making the decision didn’t know the most basic about greenbelt and the rules about building on it. One councillor didn’t know the difference between green belt and green space and voted for the build. Go to you tube and type in St.Helens council planning application and make your own mind up. There were some councillors against the build and those were the ones who appeared to see the bigger picture. Go and have a look and make your own mind up.

By Mr. Bericote's friend

This proposal will only put Haydock on map due to the enormity of the proposed build as the tallest/largest logistic warehouse around. Bigger than omega build in Warrington and in very close proximity to residential property from all angles! Surely this close proximity is one of the main areas for consideration and of course the greenbelt it’s being built on. The drawing does not show the residential properties close by.

By Howcanitbe

This picture does not reflect the true height of this build or show the close proximity of the houses !. Over 2,000 objections submitted to planning. The wider community have spoken, council whipped into a bad decision the residents will count the cost of their ignorance! Hope the SOS calls this in

By Polly Pineapple

Subject to it not being called in. That’s a very important fact that you’ve missed out. But that appears to have been par for the course with this application #facts

By Haydock resident

This is a speculative development, passed through fierce objection, ignored by the Council, who obviously had ‘other’ interests to get this through. How can you say ‘in excess of 2,500 jobs’ when there is no end user?! Bericotes are underhand giving out selfie sticks to college students if they filled in a form supporting the development and cannot be believed. The fact is that most distribution centres are automated and employ a mainly ‘agency workforce’ on zero hours contracts.

By Embarrassed I in St Helens

This is a speculative development with no end user secured therefore the job projections are just that! All the evidence presented in opposition was dismissed as neglible but key information had not been included in the plans. This development is too close to residential areas and the possible negative impact on people has been ignored. Can only hope that the SOS shows some common sense and calls it in.

By Thinkofourchildren

This development is on farmed greenbelt, it will destroy an ancient woodland and habitats of a large number of birds and animals, including bats, a small area for the public to walk in, does not compensate for the loss. There are plenty of brownfield sites around, but of course they will cost money to clear before building. Those poor people who live next to it and overlook it, how many backhanders were involved for this to be passed? it definitely needs to be looked at by the Secretary of State.

By Local resident

They will also be adjacent to housing! Why is this fact never mentioned?

By Kevin

Sold on the basis of 2500 jobs! But they don’t even have any clients for these so how can they claim that? Even so, any large scale business relocating will surely bring all existing staff won’t they? Stupid councillors can’t see past these numbers or maybe its just the rates they want. Mmmm??

By SayNoMoore

This is a monstrosity in a residential area. Thousand of neighbourhood objections ignored and the acknowledgement this will cause traffic problems were ignored. Junction 23 and Stanley Bank Way could become car parks. Hope the Secretary of State listens to residents and call this in.

By Wetnosewheatie

The benifits of this development do not out way the detrimental loss of Green Belt land when there are brown field sites available nearer Liverpool that would facilitate the development without such an impact to local housing and an already over conjested road network . Shame on the councilor for Haydock that supported this development ..

By Steven Baldwin

If you look in the top left corner, there are houses, with gardens, currently looking out over the farmland. My friend lives here, she bought her house for the views and location, the photos don’t show how near this is to her property. 70ft high, 24 hours, lights on, lorries reversing – surely a development like this should not encroach on a residential area. Poor decision making on behalf of the Developers, doesn’t say much about their business. Bericotes should be ashamed to even propose this.

By Lyndsey C

I live in one of the houses in the picture ! I only hope the SOS calls this in for a public enquiry. St.helens council seem to have one objective only – build the beast and take the money with no regard for the residn st of Haydock and their health and wellbeing (this is one factor amongst a long list of legitimate others)

By Springfield Park Resident

Rediculous idea the east lancs will now be hetic well done st helens council!!

By Baba123

The haydock Councilor who voted it in should of got behind the residents and backed them all the way. Instead she pays lip service to them with so called conditions to improve haydock Island and suggesting the removal of the lay by at Springfield! Same script as she used for voting in Penny lane She won’t be getting my vote again. Who does she work for??!

By Fill-it-in Fulham

This planning proposal if if goes through is subject to theSOS calling it in
; and it is not democratic. I can only make similaries to servants going cap in hand to land owners begging them for mercy. This is happening in 2017. I present my case.

By Archaic process

I was present at this planning committee when it was unfortunately passed.
It was obvious that some of the committee are not qualified to make such decisions that adversely effect so many. To give an example would you expect a qualified lawyer to give you an opinion about a lesion on your leg? Of course not, so why can’t the constituents of St.Helens expect experts to make decisions on such matters of planning? Well obviously they can not ; one member didn’t even know the difference between green belt and green space. I would think it reasonable that they would have sought clarification before the meeting?? Why do the the residents/ community despair at the process? Well the evidence is obvious.!! Look at the you tube recording and make up your own mind. If changes are to be mad to the planning process then thie evidence is apparent in this recording.

By The ignorant making decisions

2500 jobs, wow, that would be great for the local community. I am presuming the available jobs will be for a mix of trades, professions and workers. ie, plumbers, electricians, mechanics, shop fitters, carpenters, designers, seamstressers, waste controllers, auditors, accountants, cleaners, shop staff, butchers, sign writers etc. All having the opportunity to walk to work, without relying on public transport or private transport

By Mark Peel

Those councillors on this planning committee are the epitome of incompetence, arrogance and shear stupidity. See for yourself in the video.
The lunatics have definitely taken over the St Helens asylum !!

By Norman Price

So sad to see people I voted for selling our health and wellbeing to solve their problems created because they have not planned well in the past and have no ambition for the future of St Helens and its people for generations to come.

By Me

This is a development that should not have been granted. I must correct one comment though. The councillor for Haydock voted against the application. The lady councillor who voted for it lives in Haydock but represents Blackbrook ward.

By A friend of Mr Bericote's friend

Thank you for the correction and apologies to the councillor for Haydock.

By Me

At the planning committee the old boy network was in play or should I say young boy network as one of the councillors is about 30 yrs of age and thinks he has enough life experience to make life changing or influence life changing decisions for other people. Two councillors in particular were very very friendly with Bericotes representitives so friendly that it was like friends meeting up to finalise a plan. Of the two councillors one actually spoke for the build while the other has made his thoughts clear on social media and is in favour. The councillors sat behind the two representives from Bericote whispering to them. Pathetic because the councillors acted like children. They were extremely rude because their whispering was Continuous throughout the proceedings even as people spoke. Think or should I say know that they need a lesson in manners. The other point I would like to ask is how did the two councillors know the two representitives from Bericote, they knew them enough to sit behind them in their support. Disgusting and the only hope now is the SOS sees sense and to believe in Karma.

By Old/young boys network in play.