FEC Angel Meadow

PLANNING | FEC’s £200m Angel Meadows recommended for approval

Residential schemes continue to dominate the agenda at Manchester City Council’s planning meetings, with more than 800 homes expected to be granted permission by next week’s committee, including five blocks by Far East Consortium.

While homes and hotels top the list, the latest application by club night organiser Warehouse Project for use of the Store Street arches near Piccadilly station is also set for approval.


Angel Meadow Park

FEC Angel Meadow 02

Architect: 5plus

Floors: 40, 22, 17, 12 and nine

Height: 128m, 68m, 53m, 38m, 25m

Cost: £200m

Number of apartments: 756

Commercial space: 6,600 sq ft

Developer: Far East Consortium

Kampus, Minto & Turner


Architect: Shedkm

Floors: Five

Number of apartments: 59

Other features: New public square and retail/restaurant space

Commercial space: 13,800 sq ft across seven units

Developer: Capital & Centric and Henry Boot

49 Richmond Street, Gay Village

Richmond Street

Architect: Snook

Floors: Three

Number of townhouses: Eight

Developer: Watch This Space

Moxy Hotel, Atkinson Street

Henry Boot Moxy Hotel

Architect: Northmill

Cost: £18m

Hotel beds: 145

Hotel operator: Moxy by Marriott

Developer: Henry Boot


Cringle Road, Levenshulme

Cringle Road Towerhouse

Homes: 57

Developer: Towerhouse Systems

Architect: GA Studio

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What is wrong with the Levenshulme proposal?

By Elephant

Elephant…I agree, its only one render but it looks like just the sort of housing needed for the area. Hope this doesn’t get refused and replaced with an apartment scheme.

By coolmanc

Well Levy is the new Didsbury apparently. It has a burgeoning economy and people are moving in with decent bars and other amenities. This as Coolmanc points out is perfect for the area. Salford did the same with that great scheme of Townhouses on Chapel street, overlooking Peel park.

By Elephant

Yeah what’s wrong with the levenshulme scheme?

By Levelution

Confused as to which bit people mean when they mark Levenshulme the ‘new Didsbury/Chorlton/wherever’? Is it the smelly bit around the A6, or is there a hidden bit I’m missing?

Not sure where this rumour began.

By Spock

Spock is sort of right as it is a bit rough around the edges. It does have a lot of very beautiful Victorian houses, which are perfect for families. It is 5 minutes from Piccadilly on a train and there are a few nice bars opening, plus a very smart looking patisserie. People can mock, but Aspire is blazing the trail for community cohesion and they have recently had their first Gay Pride, which suggests that a Bohemian culture is beginning to cement itself in.I don’t know of another Manchester suburb which has ever had a Pride? The Northern Quarter was once a run down area, as was Ancoats and the Village. All thriving now.

By Elephant

Cringle Rd Committee Report: “The proposal will result in the loss of a recreational space which contributes
positively to the visual amenity and character of the wider Highfield Country Park
area. The applicant has failed to demonstrate that the land is surplus to requirements
in both quantitative and qualitative terms.”

Shame, looks a nicely designed scheme.


Thanks NC. Hmm well considering the propensity for developers to switch the nice looking scheme for value engineered rubbish as soon as they’ve got planning permission maybe this refusal was prudent. It’s not exactly a site that is going to drive wider regeneration benefits.

By Levelution