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Planning application for £200m St Michael’s ‘re-opened’

The planning application for the overhauled St Michael’s scheme has been submitted, and validated, by Manchester City Council, launching a phase of public consultation which will be extended beyond its statutory 21 days until the 31 January.

After facing a widespread backlash when two high-rise black-clad towers were first revealed in 2016, St Michael’s director Gary Neville swapped lead architect Make for local favourite Hodder + Partners earlier this year, and consideration of the planning application was paused in March to allow for the overhaul.

A redesign was revealed in August, showing one tower instead of two, and retaining historic elements on the Bootle Street site, rather than demolishing them as previously proposed.

Hodder’s proposals are for a lozenge-shaped tower, reaching up to 39 storeys, including a five-storey podium. The building will be clad in bronze anodized aluminium.

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Latest CGI of the bar and public realm at St Michael’s. CGI by Revere 3D

St Michael’s has previously been given a £200m development value. The St Michael’s partnership is made up of directors and ex-footballers Gary Neville and Ryan Giggs, Manchester City Council, developer Brendan Flood, Singaporean funder Rowsley, and Beijing Construction Engineering Group. Zerum is planning advisor.

Overall, the scheme will include residential, hotel, offices, public realm, a new synagogue, and f&b outlets, with the Abercromby pub and the façade of Bootle Street Police Station incorporated.

The St Michael’s team is hoping that the application will make it on to the agenda for Manchester City Council’s March planning committee. If approved, “in a perfect world” Neville said the scheme would start on site next year.

St Michael’s in numbers:

  • 40 floors/140m to the roof
  • 189 apartments
  • 216 hotel bedrooms
  • Synagogue on first floor
  • Retail/restaurant units on pretty much every ground floor frontage
  • Office: 147, 690 sq ft
  • Hotel from floors 6 to 18
  • Residential from floors 19 to 39
  • Conference facilities on the fourth and fifth floors
  • Spa on second and third

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Is the Sir Abercrombie in the 4th visual completely messing with anyone else’s mind? They’ve reversed the perspective.

Hoping this scheme isn’t just viewed as the ‘lesser of two evils’, and the design is appropriately critiqued.


Two towers of differing heights, seen from their corners and echoing the town hall tower, would have been more appropriate and less obtrusive.

By Tony Heyes

It looks like Centre point but that is not necessarily a bad thing. It is framed by better architecture than Centre point and from Deansgate behind the Great Northern it looks pretty good. With Owen street and Beetham along with Beetham’s twin,plus Axis and the new Whitworth street tower,Manchester will have a pretty amazing cluster. There will also be Trinity Island nearby and the Freddie Flintoff tower too eventually,plus the plans for Jackson street,so a spectacular city for future generations. There is a great deal of confidence in Manchester now.Sadly though still without a decent park.

By Elephant

Big improvement but still think the tower is too imposing over the Town Hall. The design is strange as it looks like something which would have been built in the 70’s, which surely we are trying to get away from. Interesting though and at least the pub and police station frontage are staying!

By Steve

Absolutely gorgeous proposal. I love it.


When built this will be the best modern development outside of London. It’s going to be packed.

By York Street

“the best modern development outside of London”………..pull the other one

By Anna J

Another classic exaggeration from ‘York Street’!!! Let’s be frank,development in Manchester will never match London. There simply isn’t anywhere near the same amount of money thrown at our projects!

By Steve

Great news .. love the slightly retro look of the tower. Much improved street interaction too.


Absolutely love the design and cladding, the exterior looks very weatherproof so it will not look filthy after 12 months (like so many white pre-cast concrete 1960’s Towers, eg Renaissance Hotel and the recent Dandara development on Blackfriars street). I also think the height of this single tower is about right. This Tower is very graceful & non-imposing.

By Bilderburg Attendee

Rest assured Freddie Flintoff won’t be building any towers he’s just a front man

By Bday

Steve is right but then only New York is on par with London on the planet,so the argument is a bit pointless

By Elephant

Best modern development outside of London.

By York Street