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Allerton Manor's golf course and club could be given a £15m overhaul

PLANNING | Allerton golf project heads Liverpool agenda

Neil Tague

A waterfront residential tower, long-awaited development at Maro’s Brunswick Quay and a “premier golf destination” are among items set to be approved in Liverpool.

The city council’s planning committee meets on Tuesday 8 September with a packed agenda, which also includes more than 200 homes by Persimmon at a former dockers club and playing fields site.

The £15m proposals for Allerton Manor include the renovation of the grade two-listed manor house and conversion to a boutique hotel and spa; along with the reconfiguration of courses, the addition of a clubhouse and adventure golf in what the developer described as “first class public golf facilities”. The course was municipally run until 2014, when it was leased to the applicant.

Green Circle managing director Yvonne Jackson said: “Liverpool City Council and Green Circle have created a pioneering partnership that has enabled us to deliver private sector investment and commercial expertise to transform a valued public asset whilst ensuring the principle of affordable golf for all. These plans are the culmination of a five- year investment programme and will realise our vision to provide first class public golf facilities, expand opportunities for participation and restore the heritage and fabric of this historic site.”     

Recommended for approval

Patagonia Place, Liverpool Waters

Patagonia Place, Princes Dock, Liverpool Waters

Falconer Chester Hall is the architect behind the scheme

Developer: Peel L&P and Your Housing Group

Architect: Falconer Chester Hall

Planner: Arup

Apartments: 278

Storeys: 31

Fresh plans for Patagonia Place, at Plot A06, William Jessop Way, were submitted in May. The tower is to be owned and operated by YHG, under an arrangement with Peel. Vermont is lined up to build the scheme, with FCH replacing Brock Carmichael since the project’s instigation. Patagonia Place forms part of a trio of Liverpool Waters towers, with Moda’s The Lexington, which topped out in August, and Peel/Regenda’s Plaza 1821 already on site.

Brunswick Quay

Brunswick Quay 2

The plans see four blocks of varying height at the dockside site

Developer: Maro

Architect: Fletcher Rae

Planner: Roman Summer Associates

Apartments: 552

Storeys: 7 to 12

Maro won a consent for a futuristic tower at Brunswick, at the south end of the dock system, 15 years ago, but the plans were thrown out by then-Secretary of State Ruth Kelly. This latest proposals for the site came forward in 2018. In addition to the apartments, the proposals include 7,000 sq ft of ground floor retail and leisure, 307 car parking spaces and 552 cycle parking spaces. There will be 331 two-bedroom apartments, 193 one-bedroom apartments and 28 three-bedroom apartments.

Allerton Manor Golf Club

Pavilion View Allerton Manor

The proposed pavilion and club shop

Developer: Green Circle Estates

Architect: RGP Architects

Planner: Roman Summer Associates

Heritage advisor: Graeme Ives Heritage

The plans for the club, based on Allerton Road, Woolton, come from Michael Hanlon’s Green Circle, which previously built up Formby Hall Golf Club before selling to CS Hotels. Along with the upward and rearward extension of the manor house – described as dilapidated and at risk – create a 31-bed boutique hotel, spa and conference facility, the project includes reconfiguring Allerton Manor’s existing 18 and 9-hole courses to championship standard, with new driving range and putting area; a partially submerged pavilion/club house with shop and changing facilities; indoor teaching facilities, and a new adventure golf course.

Former Edinburgh Park Dockers Club

Dockers Club Persimmon

The site is accessed from Townsend Lane

Developer: Persimmon Homes North West

Advisor: FPCR Environment & Design

Planner: Turley

Homes: 232

The 12-acre site is in the Anfield area and is accessed from Townsend Lane, and is currently occupied by a two-storey social club at the front with football pitches to the rear, which are on longer available to the public. Persimmon intends to build out 231 homes, mostly in two-storey housing, with the plans including three three-storey blocks of flats. Sport England initially objected but said it is satisfied wit the scheme subject to contributions towards local sports facilities.

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I am not a fan of what they have done to Salford Quays, but I adore Liverpool waters.

By Liverpool satire

My word. What a city….

New future iconic buildings that will be on par with the likes of the Eiffel Tower, Sydney Opera House and the Liver Building. Geographically blessed, spaciously planned, the elevated views, and the inner calm to massage the mind. Did I mention its numerous golf courses?

By Liverpool romance

i think the allerton golf club building is sublime man. i bet signature living would have loved this one and are kicking themselfves

By Anonymous

Was in Liverpool again for a few hours on Bank Holiday Monday…fabulous vibe at street level, nice food places open around Bold Street, relaxed atmosphere around Mathew Street.

Bit of litter blowing about but nothing too bad, I suppose. Some interesting street entertainers on Church Street, to say the least.

Liverpool’s always good on a Sunday / Bank Holiday Monday. Love the place, to be honest.

By North by North-West

stunning City

By The facts

Central Liverpool is great but all of those schemes look pants!

By Observer

I note the jokes above about the terrible Allerton golf course hotel…..but it is a real it’s a shame because all the rest of the proposals and previous work excellent

By George

Stunning? You guys need to travel more

By Dan

It’s what’s coming down the pipe I worry about. Tourism is too big a part of what our city has done to generate money and we all know where that’s gone. We need real sustainable jobs like Google, HP and Amazon etc and they seem to have set up down the M62. If we can get the transport right we have a chance of attracting them but with our council I’m not holding my breath!

By Anonymous

Quite like Patagonia place but my god Brunswick Quay looks grim!!

By Aigburther

The Eiffel Tower and Sydney Opera house???!!! Really?…okay if you say so LR if you say so!!

By Realist

It won’t be long before UNESCO and the Bixteth imbeciles intervene. Keeping Liverpool as a lower tier city prevails. Meanwhile Manchester’s growth continues to reach higher highs.


By Michael McDonut

Great idea….much needed but..oh…oh…the hideous monstrosity on the roof….where are the 21st century’s sympathetic architects hiding ?
This is preposterous and unhelpful

By Tercol

A monstrous carbuncle on the face of a much loved and elegant friend.

By Ditto

As many of you will know the original plan for Brunswick dock was for a 50/60 storey inclined tower, it was quite striking actually. But unfortunately the government(Ruth Kelly) banned it and that was that! It’s a pity they didn’t try again.

By Liverpolitis

I liked the previous Brunswick Tower by Simpson but that is now history, if it was re-submitted the small- town, low-rise moaners would be furious.
This new scheme looks good to me , and the public realm and waterfront promenade is a plus , if it was proposed in Rotterdam or Hafen Ciry Hamburg there would be no problem.

By Anonymous

The Brunswick proposal is dreadful

By Anonymous

Those views from the rooftop restaurant of the majestic Mersey are going to be sublime, especially with a cruise ship in as the sun sets.


By Chimney Pot Park.

I believe they are planning a 65stories further towards the Everton stadium.

By Anonymous


By Anonymous

‘A Tale of Two Cities’ – and Liverpool shines, according to a North West Restaurateur. ‘Liverpool is very resilient whilst Manchester’s business district is empty’. And, yes, the city shone over the bank holiday when it was a pleasure to visit!

By Red Squirrel

Princes dock scheme looks decent but the Brunswick and Allerton manor are very poor. Allerton manor is absolutely beautiful and that scheme would ruin it completely. On the whole Liverpool is a great city centre with some great architecture but what everyone knows is it needs big companies to locate here. Please get someone competent to run our fabulous city, we are done with the scallies.

By L16

How can Allerton Manor get it so right with the proposed new Pavillion, but so, so wrong with that proposed Hotel addition. Its a Grade II listed building !!

By Anonymous

Hi Red Squirrel.
From what I’ve heard Manchester has been busy too, outside of the CBD anyway.
The GM mayor told everyone to stay away from Manchester this weekend as they’ve had a lot of people going for leisure purposes recently and this weekend it was meant to be Pride, which we normally go to. There was an alternative event on which was meant to be incredibly busy. I think tourism is the only thing keeping cities going at the moment.

By Anonymous

These plans are great and will continue to push the city forward – it is doing so much at the moment; Liverpool Waters, Wirral Waters, The Port, Liverpool One, Paddington Village and the plans to make Liverpool Central the main train station and have two terminals (Liverpool Central and Liverpool Lime Street) rather than one, but they need to expand the airport! They’ve done good so far by extending the perimeter fence and building that new east hangar but they need to start expanding the terminal, multi-story parking etc. and also we need more airlines (at least KLM, Lufthansa, Air France Hop, Emirates, Icelandair, Aer Lingus, Vueling etc.) in order to compete with the competition on a real international level!

By Anonymous

The city needs to keep on moving – make the Liverpool Waters happen! And make the airport 2X bigger! Do things that’ll get noticed lol! But yeah these schemes are great anyways!

By Laney

Allerton Manor and the Halls, Manors and parklands of South Liverpool are truly unique in the country. It’s not just the city centre. The remains of this manor are tucked into a woodland setting and offer a great respite after a long walk. The architects haven’t done too badly considering they had the task of building onto just a couple of remaining rooms and a grand classical façade.
Yes, our Metro Mayor needs to do a better job of selling Liverpool and its outstanding assets to investors. But we’re holding up well, and I think we can give any city outside London a run for its money!

By The Crows

Batten down the hatches people . As interest rates take off and jobs continue to be lost by the thousand it’s going to be a very rocky ride for many over the next decade. How Liverpool performs will depend on the city’s leadership. I leave you to your own conclusions .

By Anonymous

The Brunswick Quay proposals remind me a bit of the new developments in Oslo by the waterfront area.

By Man on a bicycle

Liverpool town centre buzzing Manchester dead …but must recognise Liverpool doesn’t have the big corporate offices that exist in Manchester which is why it’s so quiet….these schemes all good except the ugly Allerton golf course hotel….a terrible contrast to the other good work that’s been done there

By George

Tourism, student accommodation, executive houses built to collect x4 council tax per property. Perverse incentives and low council tax paying base force us to approve things that don’t add value long term.

Perhaps Liverpool will be back on the RIGHT side of the country now Brexit is here with wonderful trade routes across the Atlantic filling the Mersey up with shipping once again …

By Jan Kristiansen

I think the Princes Dock scheme looks good; with the new Cruise Terminal and hotel to come, there will only be one site left to develop. However, where do they get these names from ‘Plaza 1821’ ‘Patagonia Place’. I know the dock was openned in 1821 and some welsh settled in Patagonia, but they could have chosen better names.. I was in Liverpool a week or so ago, and considering the covid issues, Liverpool was very busy.

By Anonymous