FEC Angel Meadow

PLANNING | £200m FEC’s Angel Meadow granted consent

Far East Consortium’s proposals for 750 city centre homes across five buildings, designed by 5plus Architects, has been granted approval by Manchester City Council, as well as Capital & Centric and Henry Boot’s next phase of works at Kampus, and a new Moxy hotel on the edge of Spinningfields.


Angel Meadow Park

FEC Angel Meadow 02

Architect: 5plus

Floors: 40, 22, 17, 12 and nine

Height: 128m, 68m, 53m, 38m, 25m

Cost: £200m

Number of apartments: 756

Commercial space: 6,600 sq ft

Developer: Far East Consortium

Kampus, Minto & Turner


Architect: Shedkm

Floors: Five

Number of apartments: 59

Other features: New public square and retail/restaurant space

Commercial space: 13,800 sq ft across seven units

Developer: Capital & Centric and Henry Boot


Moxy Hotel, Atkinson Street

Henry Boot Moxy Hotel

Architect: Northmill

Cost: £18m

Hotel beds: 145

Hotel operator: Moxy by Marriott

Developer: Henry Boot


49 Richmond Street, Gay Village

Richmond Street

Architect: Snook

Floors: Three

Number of townhouses: Eight

Developer: Watch This Space


Cringle Road, Levenshulme

Cringle Road Towerhouse

Homes: 57

Developer: Towerhouse Systems

Architect: GA Studio

Reason for refusal: Scheme doesn’t fit with local planning guidance

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Good to see the homes in the village being referred. Hopefully they are rejected. Terrible street activation and no LGBT+ focused amenities on a key village thoroughfare. No doubt it would result in LGBT+ venue closures are incoming ‘luxury’ homeowners complain about noise. Would love to see a revised app with soundproof apartments above LGBT+ amenities.


Angel Meadow park is putting Manchester Into the Big league. That is pretty special. This will create a sensational view from Victoria.

By Elephant

Manchester clearly miles ahead of the rest

By Bern

….in proposing bland buildings with no respect for their surroundings.

By Bo

The Village proposals are in a very ugly street. This type of plan should be built in the streets off Oldham Road,but en masse,rather than a handful here and there,so a proper community can be created. The village has gone down in the last twenty years,from Bohemian to the strip at San Antonio. I wouldn’t want to live there.Some of those bars turn out a 7 in the morning at the weekends. A very bizarre site indeed.

By Elephant

The site in the Village shouldn’t be used for housing. As MCR says, should focus on street activation and allowance for more LGBT+ culture to evolve in the area.

By Bradford

St Michael’s Flags And Angel Meadow

Located on the site of the former St Michael’s Church the site and area has a rich historical heritage. The church was demolished in 1935, however, some grave stones from the church yard remain. The Angel Meadow, lower section, of the site became the largest pauper burial ground in Manchester; it is estimated that 40,000 poor people were buried here between 1788 and 1816.


By Kevin

In regards to the Richmond St proposal, what’s with the grey bricks when every other building in the area has the traditional faded red. Good luck with the garages too, there’s always dozens of Private Hire cars parked down there.

By Boris D Raghunter

Some great looking developments there. Richmond Street looks ok too but completely the wrong place for houses. Naive if the council thinks that the new residents won’t complain about the noise of bottle bins etc being taken out at 5am each morning. Please don’t gentrify our Village or that’ll be the end of it. Don’t recognise the developer but probably some London outfit who don’t understand Manchester and don’t understand that this part of the Village was commercial first. Without the bars and restaurants the Village is nothing. Hopefully the planners will see sense as 40 odd objections to the application surely tells us everything we need to know about the suitability of this application. Save the Village!

By Snoopy