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PLANNING | £110m Factory goes before Manchester committee

Manchester City Council’s first planning meeting of 2017 is expected to approve the construction of the £110m Factory arts centre at St John’s, a PRS development by Mulbury in Ancoats, and a controversial residential proposal by Renaker in Castlefield.

The committee is due to meet on Thursday 12 January.



Factory arts centre

Factory Arts Centre

Developer: Allied London and Manchester City Council

Value: £110m

Architect: Office for Metropolitan Architecture

Capacity: 7,000

Type: Theatre and musical events space at St John’s


Blossom Street, Ancoats

Blossom Street Mulbury

Developer: Mulbury Homes

Architect: Tim Groom

Height: Eight and seven storeys

Flats: 140

Type: Private rent


2-4 Chester Road, Castlefield


Developer: Renaker Build

Architect: OMI Architects

Height: 21 and 12 storeys

Flats: 188 apartments

Type: Private rent

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Those things by Renaker and OMI are absolutely awful


And just how will the Renaker PRS be built without further major disruption to Chester Road traffic and pedestrians. It is already congested on football and concert events. Again no consideration for those who already live and work here.

By Stuart

Fingers crossed the Castlefield eyesore gets refused

By David

The Castlefield project looks like Lego.

By Elephant

@Stuart already congested by those who live there too. News flash Manchester is a city not a suburban village

By AJD1984

good grief, what kind of design-hell is that Renaker/OMI scheme??! We can only pray it never gets funded & built

By MancLad

Manchester seriously needs to up its game. That Renaker building is worse than some of the garbage that was built in the 60s….which is now all being torn down. Ridiculous, sloppy, architecture.


Is this more Renaker jealousy? These buildings are fine – a nice change from the usual oblong we see elsewhere and actually in the real world should look really good and create a gateway statement into the city centre from the A56 from the South. Renaker are making a more positive contribution to central Manchester and Salford than any developer since Urban Splash and the quality of the buildings in improving dramatically as they progress.

Compare these to those appalling buildings by so called select property group on bridge street next to the lowry hotel – that’s the type of nonsense that shouldn’t be built.

By Towers

Are the Renaker/OMI Castlefield apartment CGIs ‘white card’ renders? Or are they going for that look in reality?
The Quay bar should never have been demolished

By Optimist

While I’m sure you’re being sarcastic, to suggest quay bar looked better than these apartments would be quite brave!

By Towers

“Towers” the most obvious Renaker shill. Their design is poor and will age horrifically, in 10 years it will look like a soviet era brutalist style mess.

By QuaysMan

The Renaker render makes it look terrible; hard to judge the real thing.

By Al Yates