NWDA Mann Island
Reflections: Artist's impression from 2007 of Mann Island development by Neptune and Countryside, completed five years later

Place10: Where were you in mid-2007?

The early signs of the financial crisis started to hit the headlines in summer 2007. August 2007 was also the month that Place North West was first published.

Throughout August we will be publishing a series of articles to mark 10 years since these events and would love to share your stories and memories.

What were you doing in the middle of 2007, how did your life change and how different do you find business today?

Please only write your personal perspectives and stories rather than re-telling the sub-prime saga and aim for a maximum of 300 words.

We are also looking for guest columns on the state of the market then compared to now. Send us a synopsis of your idea to be considered for inclusion in the series.

Send your email submissions to us – headed 10 to help us find and file your memories – before 1 August to stand the best chance of publication, although submissions will still be considered after this date.

Your recollections, either anonymously or named, can be sent to news@placenorthwest.co.uk and the best will be used during the Place10 series.

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