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PICTURE SPECIAL | A walk around Manchester’s construction boom

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Ed Howe and Izaak Sabo endured the heatwave to hike around some of the most prominent developments in Manchester and Salford, producing a snapshot of the bulging cityscape as the prolific development cycle takes form.

They counted 34 cranes dotted across the skylines of central Manchester and Salford, impressive but some way off the peak of 63 cranes in spring 2005.

Route: Start at Angel Gardens, check out Hotel Indigo before hopping on the tram to Salford Quays to see X1 The Gateway and Clipper’s Quay. Go via tram to Cornbrook, then walk into the city centre via Ellesmere Street, approaching Owen Street and Axis, Deansgate Locks. At Greengate, look at Exchange Court, then loop round to Chapel Wharf, Middlewood Locks, and back up via St Peter’s Square to the Northern Quarter, before finishing off in Ancoats.

Angel Gardens, NOMA

Angel Gardens

Core of building rising at a rapid rate

36 floors

458 apartments

Developed by Moda Living

Architect is HAUS Collective

Hotel Indigo, Corporation Street

Hotel Indigo

14 floors

187 bedrooms

Marco-Pierre White restaurant on the ground floor

X1 The Gateway, Salford Quays

X1 The Gateway, Salford

21 floors

191 apartments

Developed by X1

Architect is DK Architects

Clipper’s Quay, Salford

Clippers Quay

832 apartments

Developed by Amstone

Architect is Leach Rhodes Walker

Owen Street, south Deansgate

Owen Street

Two of four towers are under construction, at 64 floors and 44 floors

Tower 1: 496 apartments

Tower 4: 350 apartments

Towers 2 and 3: Due to start construction later this year

Developer is Renaker

Architect is SimpsonHaugh

Axis Tower, Deansgate Locks


Core has started rising recently

28 floors

173 apartments

Developer is Property Alliance Group

Designed by 5plus Architects

Exchange Court, Greengate

Exchange Court

Massive progress has been made here recently, core is at 22nd floor, and cladding is now being fitted

Exchange Court Side

44 floors

350 apartments

Developed by Renaker

Designed by OMI Architects

Chapel Wharf, Chapel Street

Chapel Wharf Phase One

569 apartments

Between 14 and 17 floors

Developer is Dandara

Designed by Axis Mason Architects

Middlewood Locks, Salford

Middlewood Locks

This shot shows a variety of construction sites, including Wilburn Wharf, One Regent, Owen Street as well as Middlewood Locks, framing Beetham Tower

Over 2,000 apartments in total

Developed by Scarborough International

Designed by WCEC Architects

OXID, Great Ancoats Street

OXID, Previously M One Central

Recently renamed from M-One Central

13 floors

119 apartments

Developed by Factory Estates

Designed by IDP Group

Port Street, Northern Quarter

Port Street, Northern Quarter

14 floors

135 apartments

6,000 sq ft office space

Developed by Mulbury Homes

Designed by Tim Groom Architects

Cutting Room Square, Ancoats

Ancoats, Manchester Life Schemes

Three Manchester Life schemes visible, from left

Sawmill Court: Eight and seven floors across two blocks, 158 apartments, ground floor commercial, architect is Studio Egret West

Smith’s Yard: Eight and five floors, 199 apartments, ground floor commercial, designed by Feilden Clegg Bradley

One Cutting Room Square: Nine floors, 30 apartments, designed by Feilden Clegg Bradley


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Sun shiiiiiinnnne! As you were x


Those of us who “know” Ed from SC website so look forward to all the GREAT things he will do in the future!

By Schwyz

Ed is the new Mr Manchester. The Tony Wilson of Manchester construction. Legend.

By Uomo

Nice pictures of some building sites. Why are none of the construction firms or consultants other than the architect ever credited?

Taking pictures and making lists is all very well and lots of fun for youngsters and people outside the industry. But I don’t think joe public remotely appreciate the effort involved to get these multi-million pound projects designed, financed, approved and rising out of the ground.

By Amused

Awesome pictures and updates guys! Thanks for the work on SSC, greatness awaits you in the planning sector

By Darude

Great work Ed and Sabo.

By Jrb

It’s normally only the developer who exists in the eyes of the media…contractors don’t get a look in until things go wrong….and then it’s “oh, the contractor this, the contractor that…”.

By Jack Mack

What about the engineers? None of these buildings would stand up without engineering input. It is strange how we fetishise certian professions, like the strikers in a football team whilst the midfield and defence gets overlooked.

By Fairbairn

Heartwarming to see what is going on. From the Axis Building’s advertising screen to the Owen Street southern gateway to Hotel Indigo and the Exvhange Court, Green gate schemes. Some in areas that long needed development.

By Mark Butterworth

Futureserv consulting engineers are proud to be involved in the MEP building services design on at least 3 of these projects

By Michael Perkins

“Nice pictures of some building sites. Why are none of the construction firms or consultants other than the architect ever credited?”

Joe Public can just about stay awake for Architect and Developer, go beyond that and they would be comatose.

By Aenedor