Pickles approves Hartford housing plans

Simon Donohue

The Secretary of State for Communities & Local Government has approved planning permission for 650 homes on two sites at Hartford, Cheshire, following an appeal.

Harrow Estates submitted applications to Cheshire West & Cheshire Council in 2011 for permission to build 300 properties at Grange Farm, Hartford. Bridgmere applied for planning permission for the construction of 350 properties at Hollies Farm, east of School Lane, Hartford.

An appeal hearing was held in December 2012 following a decision to refuse planning permission.

Cheshire West & Chester Council wrote to the Planning Inspector in October accepting that it cannot demonstrate a five year supply of deliverable housing sites, one of the key factors in the case. Concerns were also raised about the potential impact of increased numbers of vehicles.

Secretary of state, Eric Pickles, agreed with the decision of the Planning Inspector that permission should be granted in both cases.

Turley Associates represented Harrow Estates.

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Not surprised – "No plan" is Pickles main criteria to over-rule Cheshire’s Tory Councils (East & West) and even his own Bristol Inspectors to give developers free rein to flood the county and its green fields with unwanted homes. So there’s a delay in Local Plans, that should NOT the excuse to decimate our countryside and completely ignore local democracy. What is surprising is that as a Tory he’s happy doing that – still let’s all look forward to 2015 for some changes!!

By Disgruntled Tory

What is the point of an entire community objecting to two massive housing developments that will increase the population by 30% in an already gridlocked village, coming up with a credible alternative local plan, the county council rejecting the planning application at the highest level only for the secretary of state to give them BOTH the go ahead at the stroke of a pen without ever visiting Hartford (as far as I know)?!! Please let these sort of planning decisions be this government’s ‘poll tax’ and send them back into political wilderness.

By Chris Hope

I appreciate what with population growth, inward migration, changing lifestyles and economic growth that new housing is a must but please not in MY back yard or village.

By Ironic

……..I assume this now means that the Inspector will also grant the Ashalls development in Sandiway as surely CWAC still can’t demonstrate a suitable 5 year plan……….


Good to see that common sense prevailed in the end and the ‘NIMBY LOBBY’ were defeated in favour of ensuring Housing needs are met in the area!

By David Sleath