Piccadilly Gardens spring clean complete

Work on replacing the turf at Piccadilly Gardens has been completed following a six week project carried out by the Piccadilly Partnership.

The 26, 909 sq ft public space is now fully open to the public in time for the May bank holiday.

Alex King, Piccadilly Partnership manager, said: "This green space is becoming increasing popular with more than 80,000 people walking through every day. It's important to create the right environment for everyone to enjoy. We've chosen a particularly durable grass that requires little water to maintain its colour and is used in other public places with a large footfall such as Chester Zoo."

Piccadilly Partnership is managed by CityCo, Manchester's city centre management company.

CityCo works in partnership to manage and market city centre Manchester. CityCo is an independent, not-for-profit, company funded by both public and private sector.

The project cost was not disclosed.

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Mmmm… One Bank Holiday and a couple of sunny days, and it’s goodbye grass. Maybe Astroturf is the answer.

By A Wino

Piccadilly Gardens is huge disappointment. The initial design with the concrete walls was controversial, and it has certainly not improved with age. Many of the benches with wooden seats are rotting. It looks really shabby and not worthy of a world class city.

By Chrissie Gibson

… or paving, or raised lawns throughout. Go see Sheffield’s Peace Gardens for how it should be done.

By N_Noun

Piccadilly Gardens is a lovely part of Manchester – just a shame the wooden benches let it down. They are badly in need of sanding down and re-varnishing!!

By P Yates

I feel that Piccadilly Gardens shows how popular and important green spaces are in cities.The ammount of wear on the grass is perhaps indicative of the lack of alternative green spaces within the ciy centre-and the pressure of constant use for Christmas markets, ice rinks fairgorounds and other activities,The scheme has coped well with a difficult brief sanwiched between the tramway and the bus station-I like the contemporary feel of the Tadao Ando concrete wall. It does seem that the council does’nt understand the symbolic value of public spaces to the outside world and to local people-they should’nt just be seen as a vehicle for moneymaking activities such as the fairgorund wheel which is now permanently blighting Exchange Square-unlike the London eye which opens up spectacular views along the Thames and London-its a cheap imitation and mainly offering views of the air conditioning ducts on top of Marks and Spencers-please get rid of it soon.

By steve martlew