Peel reports Barton protestors to Advertising Standards

The Breathe Clean Air Group, which opposes Peel Energy's planned biomass plant in Trafford has withdrawn campaign literature after a complaint by Peel to the Advertising Standards Authority.

The literature, which has already been circulated to local residents, was withdrawn from further distribution by BCAG before a formal investigation was needed by ASA.

Jon England, project manager at Peel Energy, said: "We are pleased that the material has been withdrawn following our complaint as we considered it to be completely misleading. The protest group has agreed to withdraw its material following advice from the ASA rather than challenge our assertions at a full ASA Council meeting.

"We hope that local politicians and members of the community who have formed their opposition to our proposal based on misinformation distributed by BCAG will now reconsider their views."

Peel submitted a planning application to Trafford Council for a £70m electricity power station late last year. The biomass-fired plant would burn recycled wood from construction and demolition sites, virgin timber residue from forestry processes, surplus agricultural matter such as straw or grain husks and energy crops, coppiced willow and miscanthus. The power station could be operational by mid-2014 and supply 37,000 homes.

England added: "Our complaints to the ASA centred on inaccurate and inflammatory statements made by the protest group about issues such as air quality and public health. It is our belief that many people in Davyhulme, Urmston and other areas have been caused unnecessary concern by unsubstantiated claims made in the BCAG literature.

"We once again urge to listen to our proposals to develop a modern power plant that will deliver safe and reliable low carbon energy to the local area. Electricity is not something that should be taken for granted at a time when demand is increasing and many existing power generation facilities are scheduled to close."

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what at load of waste look at the facts power to the people

By barney

Respiratory disease is the 3rd biggest cause of death in Trafford (source TMBC). Will it be Peel? Trafford Council? The Govt? Residents WILL take action.This area is already highly polluted (M60, UU, TC, TP …..) WE DO NOT NEED ANY MORE POLLUTION. We will not accept Peel’s incinerator in a residential area at the expense of our children’s health. Just to line Peel’s Savile Row 100% silk pockets.

By Josephine Bettany

This isn’t an incinerator, it’s a power station. Biofuels are a sustainable energy source which the environmental lobby has been trying to encourage for decades, and using otherwise waste timbers in this way also reduces the need for landfill in the local area (which also produces methane).

Willow Coppice and Miscanthus (Elephant Grass) used as bio-crops remove CO2 from the atmosphere so there is no net CO2 contribution when using them as a fuel (they become part of a sustainable carbon-neutral cycle).

What are the pollutants which are causing so much concern? You can’t just say “pollution will increase” and use that to stir up negative opinions on a new development. Please be specific as to what pollutants are of concern as, if it’s the CO2, water and small amounts of Nitrous Oxide (aka laughing gas) from the ammonia injection process these hardly constitute a health issue. If there’s something else of significance which poses a health hazard, please can we name it and discuss it objectively?