Peel publishes Northern Powerhouse prospectus

John Whittaker, chairman of The Peel Group, has written to the Prime Minister and the Chancellor of the Exchequer stating that more needs to be done to support the private sector in the North, outlining 150 Peel projects which the investor believes can contribute to the Northern Powerhouse.

Download Peel’s prospectus below

Whittaker urged public and private sector partners to work together to deliver the shared ambition for rebalancing the UK economy through significant growth in the North.

The document effectively updates Peel’s long-standing Atlantic Gateway vision, launched in 2008, to broaden the scope to include projects in Yorkshire and the North East in the current light of Northern Powerhouse discussion.

Peel has identified 150 projects across its investment portfolio, which sit within the Northern Powerhouse, and launched a document entitled ‘Peel in the Northern Powerhouse’, which invites fresh dialogue between businesses, the Government and other Northern-based partners.

The Peel Group is one of the UK’s largest privately-owned investment enterprises, which works across land and property; transport and logistics; retail and leisure; energy and media. Its investment portfolio in the North includes Salford’s MediaCityUK; Port Salford; the Port of Liverpool; regeneration schemes in Liverpool and Wirral, as well as Liverpool’s John Lennon Airport, Robin Hood Airport, Doncaster, Sheffield and Durham Tees Valley Airport.

Whittaker said: “We have a long-term vision for our investments and believe that coupled with the Government’s growth policies and direct investment in infrastructure and skills, our investments can make an important contribution to the aims of the Northern Powerhouse.”

“We believe that the Government is making great strides in facilitating a new approach to Northern growth. However, it is clear that more needs to be done to give the private sector the confidence and ability to deliver in the North, across a range of issues such as transport and logistics, communities, energy and resources. We very much look forward to working alongside our many partners, local authorities and the Government to help deliver the Northern Powerhouse.”

Peel is planning to publish an investment prospectus in early 2016, setting out in more detail the contribution that Peel and its partners can make to the North.

To download ‘Peel in the Northern Powerhouse’ click here

To download the full list and map of Peel’s 150 Northern projects click here

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The map shows 87, 67 and 98 twice.

By Jonty

This is just a rehash of their so-called Atlantic Gateway concept, belatedly jumping on the Northern Powerhouse bandwagon. This is little more than a cynical rebranding exercise to access public funding having seen their previous effort ignored by government.

By Peel watch

Peel after grant. Shock

By Up North

This re-brand must have come from the same brains that dreamt up ‘Trafford City’. It’s pretty transparent manoeuvring from Peel.

By Peel watch

Land rich, cash poor. But they do improve barren areas so £1 invested by government shows a good return. Shame they have lost family values in their growth.

By puppy

This company says its investing £1bn with partners and investors

Who else is investing so much


Why the cynicism from Peel Watch, Up North, and Jonty?
Can you imagine the NW without J.W. and Peel The Canal would probably have run dry.

By P. J. Leyden

is the Northern Powerhouse a rehash of the Atlantic Gateway


I suspect the whole idea of the Northern Powerhouse is founded on Peel’s Atlantic Gateway et al given a broader term to catch the imagination and harness political will.

By Paul Blackburn (Chester)

No cynicism from me, just pedantry

By Jonty