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The new cranes are part of the second phase of Liverpool2's expansion. Credit: Peel Ports Group

Peel Ports expands Liverpool2’s yard capacity by 15 acres

Julia Hatmaker

The Port of Liverpool owner brought in four operational cantilever rail-mounted gantry cranes to the terminal as part of its £400m expansion project.

This is just part of Peel Ports Group’s growth plans for Liverpool2. The third and final phase of the project is to be fully commissioned in mid-September. During this phase, yard capacity will be increased by five acres when another six CRMG cranes are brought in.

Those cranes will be joining the 12 existing CRMG cranes and eight ship-to-shore cranes that were brought to the port during the project’s first phase.

Liverpool2 is the UK’s only west-facing deep-sea terminal. When the expansion project completes, it will have increased the port’s ability to meet growing demand.

“This significant project milestone demonstrates our continued investment in our customers and response to the Port of Liverpool’s growth trajectory as we increase our capacity and market share further,” said David Huck, managing director at Peel Ports Group.

“The majority of the UK and Ireland live closer to the Port of Liverpool than to Felixstowe, London and Southampton, and this represents a catchment of over 35 million people,” he continued. “The Port of Liverpool’s strategic location provides reliable access to major import and export centres at the heart of the UK, and an unrivalled connectivity to Ireland via our Irish Sea Hub.”

Liverpool2 is being expanded with the help of Terminal Investment Limited, a global company dedicated to helping develop and manage container terminals.

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Great news, The POL is growing again and so will the City!

By On the Dock

Good news for the city region and the north as the port serves from the midlands upwards ….essential to get on with the link road to the motorway and a rail link to hs2

By George

Fantastic Liverpool keeps growing – global companies

By Anonymous

Excellent news. Brexit and the attendant trade deals the government is securing are proving to be very good indeed for Liverpool – the city is finally facing the right way again.

By Sceptical

Liverpool needs to nail this, what an opportunity and built-in advantage.

By Rich X

Excellent news for the port, city, and wider region, if this was in Spain, France, or Italy for example, the relevant government would be offering infrastructure improvements to take full advantage of the situation asap., ie road and rail upgrades.

By Anonymous

Private sector growth is what is need and encouraged

By Stuart wood

Now Peel Ports need to get their act together in the port and reduce the congestion for hauliers and they need to start putting money into permitting rail freight. Having only 3 lines for intermodal trains is awful and then speed enhancements needed to the main line.

By Anonymous

This is the UK and the government are not interested in the north of England at all …they spend little or nothing which are breadcrumbs compared to the SE . and then they criticise the north and look down on us because they hold the purse of the taxpayer , it’s been going of since Liverpool was blitzed in the war , that was their advantage .
No wonder Liverpool looks out .

By Anonymous

15 acres?…well I suppose it’s something. Won’t make up for the loss of the UNESCO heritage status though will it? Not in any way especially if Peel are allowed to ruin the waterfront further with cheap and tacky developments.

By Aigburthur