Peel opens Tomorrow at MediaCityUK

Peel Media has completed a mixed-use development at Salford Quays, a £20m hotel and 50,000 sq ft of creative workspace.

The Tomorrow building, designed by Chapman Taylor and built by Bowmer & Kirkland, totals more than 100,000 sq ft and is situated next to the Booths food store. The upper four floors are offices for businesses in creative, media and broadcasting, and was funded by a £6.25m loan from Evergreen. Premier Inn is operating a 112-bedroom hotel on the first six floors.

The 10-storey property is intended as a gateway to MediaCityUK, and includes a large installation of coloured LED lights to display motion messages along the front of the building.

According to Peel, agreements have been reached with several companies, including digital and tech agencies, to occupy space. The ground floor includes a co-working space for meetings and hot-desking, and an independent retail operator to be announced shortly.

Stephen Wild, managing director of MediaCityUK, said: “It is designed to be a highly flexible space – a key consideration for occupiers in the rapidly changing world of workspace.

“The Premier Inn is also a fantastic addition to MediaCityUK as both a thriving business and leisure destination. Our recently approved plans to double in size over the next 10 years, means more hotels, bars and restaurants will be vital to the success of creating a fantastic environment in which people can live, work and play.”

Premier Inn commenced trading on 22 September and fully open for bookings. The first office occupiers are expected to move in before Christmas.

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Horrid mess…

By Schwyz

Could be anywhere. It simply adds to the jarring and confused architectural mess of buildings at Mediocre City.

By Architect

Looks like the Circus in Bath.Only joking.

By Elephant


By Mancypie

This is far too bland to be a Premier Holiday Travel Inn

By zebith

Great joke my mate Elephant! Haha! Wisdom AND wit!!

By Giraffe

Very cool building, Salford Quays is buzzung

By Mich

It’s really not that bad. People have the audacity to complain about this but welcome the plywood dross that pops up in the suburbs with open arms…clueless.

By The Squirrel's Nuts

Salford could never look good no matter what anyone does it’s an awful place , Am from Manchester

By Jack

Disagree with Jack. I think it has enhanced a lot of it’s areas with good design. I agree that it can’t compete with Manchester on grand civic structures, but it is better maintained, particularly in the poorer area. Compare say the Stockport road around Ardwick and the Apollo, where there is rubbish everywhere, say with Langworthy. It also has nicer open spaces. Buile Hill park versus Piccadilly gardens. No contest there.

By Elephant

Elephant Manchester isn’t that good in regards to architecture,in fact it’s embarrassing

By Jack

Jack it is okay in parts. Some of it is dreadful you are right, but it is no better or worse than any other regional city. It is a victim like all our great regional cities of Londoncentric governments, with no vision for the regions and inadequate investment. You cannot build without the resources.

By Elephant

I’d say it is better than any other city actually, I can’t think of many good post war buildings outside of Manchester. I don’t think anybody thinks of Manchester’s architecture as bad

By Welshie