HM Peel Centre
Other occupiers at the Peel Centre include Matalan and Argos

Peel L&P eyes shift to food offer in Stockport 

Dan Whelan

The developer has requested permission from Stockport Council to split a clothing store at the Peel Centre into three units, to diversify the retail park’s offer amid market changes. 

The Peel Centre is a 330,000 sq ft retail complex off Great Portwood Street in Stockport.  

Peel L&P wants to break up an 18,000 sq ft store, currently occupied by fashion retailer H&M, into three individual units and is seeking flexibility on the types of goods to be sold, including food. 

H&M’s lease on the unit, formerly operated by Borders and located between Boots and Hobby Craft, expires this month. 

“Flexibility is required to attract new occupiers if H&M vacate the unit,” Peel said in a planning statement. 

Under the plans, Peel would split up the existing unit to create three smaller units of 3,000 sq ft, 5,000 sq ft and 10,000 sq ft respectively. 

Subject to approval, work to split the units would be completed by the end of this year, according to the statement.  

Stockport Council has recommended the plans for approval by its planning committee, which meets on Thursday. 

Cushman & Wakefield, Savills and Reid Rose Gregory are the agents for Stockport Retail Park. 

Other occupiers at the park include Home Bargains, Matalan, Next and Wilko.

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stockport centre is full of empty retail premises.
Making one unit into three will not work.
There are smaller units on princes st and merseyway been empty for ages.

By Ian Williams

This is all about creating jobs and I personally think this is a fantastic idea. All that concerns me is parking facilities. Stockport loses a lot of business because there is nowhere to park. I always avoid Stockport because of this. Good luck with the plans

By Denis Gleeson

I agree with the person who said about spliting the shop on portwood into 3 sections. Out town need our empty shops opening. It all looks so empty and downtrodden.

By Jean

Why not?
Prince’s Street and Merseyway are the concrete boots for the sinking of the great white elephant, that is Red Rock.

The residents of Stockport are disgusted with the amount of money wasted on that project.
The calamity, which is Grand Central, Stockport Town Centre and the Market area, never recovered since Stockport Baths on Petersgate was demolished.

The dilly-dallying of delays has put off High Street Shoppers, that are now shopping on the outskirts or online.
The town planners don’t even live in the Borough and will throw away good money after bad, because they are not here experiencing the place 24/7.
They haven’t got a clue!


It’s amazing how all these retail parks change planning under stealth over the years killing towns . Many B and M and Poundstretchers etc have increased food floor space upto 40% in breach of planning . Nothing ever done

By Ian hall

H&M is the only decent clothes shop in Stockport. There is no reason to come into Stockport town centre anymore. I can walk there in 15 minutes but would rather get in the car to Denton Crown point.

By Kirsty Hayes

I think it’s great news what I see now didn’t look right at least we see more people round be busier thank you for council Stockport I can’t wait to see change specially beautiful place good luck

By Ismail subhi

Maybe if they didn’t have such a terrible reputation for unreasonable parking fines and poor signage regarding parking charges more people would be inclined to shop there. I’d rather go somewhere with free parking.

By Penny

If H&M go from Stockport, there will be no decent clothes shops left.
Keep the units at the Peel centre as they are, for big out of town stores, and focus on the struggling town centre, which has seen shop after shop close and go, leaving empty units.

By J Green

You could turn it into an indoor market place, & have a good variety of stalls.

By Anonymous

Stockport Town centre needs more occupancy to bring it back to life, so many empty shops, it’s a depressing place to shop. The Peel Centre is fully occupied, bring the shops Merseyway, I suspect the owners of the Peel Centre just want to get more rents and don’t really care about Stockport

By Anita

How will that help when there’s not even people filling the empty stores on underbank? Half of stockports shops have closed and they’re not reopening. Stockport doesn’t have enough people shopping in it anymore. Its all ecig shops, pound shops and primark. We need something new to bring people in i agree there… i don’t believe this is it.

By Georgia

I realise M&S in Stockport Town centre closed because it was losing money but an M&S foodhall like the one in Hazel Grove would go down really well in this location.

By L. Renshaw

Forget it too many places offer free parking thus centre is worst for parking and fines

By Susan

What is the point in trying to attract shoppers when they get ripped off with parking?! I’ll just shop anywhere my money goes on the goods and services I buy, not for the privilege of giving my custom and hard earned cash.

By Anonymous

Trafford Centre offers free parking, why go to Stockport?

By Dan

all for the financial benefit of the peel group and not for the shoppers of stockport.even the parking fees are expensive a cost to pay before you get into one of the shops.roll on amazon

By mr stuart

I agree with most of the comments but honestly, have you really looked at stockport town centre it’s got nothing attractive about it at all, just dirty looking concrete buildings it looks like the gulags of Russia in years gone by. No greenery no flowers no gentle running water with little bridges nothing to attract people into the centre even if you didn’t want to shop. You can get that kind of concrete shopping experience in numerous places in stockport or manchester if it comes to that and you don’t have to get in your car to travel to it, grubby buildings grubby areas with traffic fumes all around us GREAT!

By E, colgan

September 08, 2020 at 12:22 pm By E, colgan

Try walking slightly further up to the market place or along the Underbanks. It’s very much work in progress in terms of reinvention for the modern day but to say it’s just concrete buildings with no greenery and nothing going for it says more about your outlook than it does about Stockport.

What Stockport actually needs to improve is more people. I understand that Redrock, as much as I hate the cheap cladding, is significantly exceeding expectations in terms of footfall (at least it was pre-lockdown). The council are, I understand, progressing plans to reinvent Merseyway, resolving decades of no real investment or forethought by previous owners, and through the mayoral development corporation are developing plans for thousands of new homes to the west of the area which will bring thousands more people onto the town centre’s doorstep.

All town centres are having to reinvent themselves to deal with the modern world and changes in retail practices, markets etc – with the current pandemic bringing that sharply into perspective – but Stockport is arguably well placed because of its connectivity and large catchment area to do that and, as much as individual parts of it might be criticised, the council appears to have a long term vision that puts it ahead of many other places it would otherwise risk losing out to.

By now

We need to fill empty shops in the town centre.I have stopped going to town as there are no shops there now,it is like a ghost town.Certainly try to avoid the Peel Centre the parking attendants there quite unpleasant and I go to retail parks that don’t charge for parking.

By Christine Pennington

Used to live in Stockport the precinct used to be thriving what a state it was last time I was there ide sort merseyway out first. Why have the council let it deteriorate it looked derelict last time I was there

By Anonymous

Very pleased with the variety of shops/restaurants on the Peel Centre site. Just look at what we have, there is B&M, Homebargains, Wilco, Boots, Frankie & Bennies, I mean where else would you find a collection like this!!!!!! Well done Stockport. Not!!

By J law

Leave well alone and make it free parking !

By Kenneth glen

Stockport town centre is in the past. I moved 2yrs ago and dont miss it. Recently been to Northwich lovely pedestrianised town which seems to have held its own for shops. Perhaps SMBC could take a look for ideas!

By Hatton

All the Good clothing retailers have already abandoned Stockport Town centre. Just full of pound shop’s already, can’t see why we’d need anymore.

By Collette Reilly

Unless I want to go to Matalan, where I can park and get parking fee back, I avoid this area of Stockport, because of parking fees mainly. (I have occasionally walked round to H &M from Matalan as I do like their clothes). If I want Debenhams or Primark, i will use the park and ride in Hazel Grove and get the 192 into Stockport but too far to walk from Mersey Square to the Peel centre, unless I want something desperately that I cannot get elsewhere (hobby shop springs to mind).. In any case it is just too much hassle to do any of this when there are local small shops in Poynton and Bramhall to support or can park for free at Handforth Dean or John Lewis, or a lot more cheaply in Macclesfield. Am not using public transport anyway at the moment, as am sure a lot of other people are not doing if they dont need to. Would love it and would visit if they could actually have some historical information and maybe old photos, on boards round the car park maybe, drawing attention to how the Peel centre once was and where the streets were. Only found out recently that a lot of it covers the area once occupied by Brady Street where both my maternal grandparents were brought up and so must have met there, strange to think I would not exist if maybe one had lived elsewhere !!

By Jan

I went to Stockport town centre early this year before lockdown and all I seen was “to let” signs on shuttered down shops. This is the norm now in most town centres.. I was once a market trader for 10 years and then I moved into a shop for 5years in Wigan before the landlords put the rent up and Wigan knocked down 2multi storeys car parks in the town centre and was left with 3. Footfall in the town centre dwindled and this had a impact on local shops and businesses, in the end I went back on the markets for 3years until I sold up and made a big profit on my remaining stock.. The point is where are these young people willing to start a business from scratch and be a market trader and then after a few years get a shop paying high rents to the landlords. That’s why independent shops are now all closed and town centres are dying on there Last legs. Not enough people taking the risk starting up a business in a shop, it’s all online now delivered to your front door.

By Darren born bred.

Please keep H&M last good clothes shop instockport
Free parking a must
Stockport council sort it out

By Anonymous

All town centres are dying. You can sit at home in comfort and the safety of not being around people and press a few buttons on your laptop and then the next day a parcel arrives at your doorstep.

By Bobby

Food with clothing think the smells or odours would settle on garments.

By Cjones