Pomona Island will see two blocks of flats for the private rented sector

Peel and Knight Knox add to Greater Manchester homes pipeline

Jessica Middleton-Pugh

Trafford Council is set to approve the development of 164 apartments at Pomona Island by Peel and contractor Rowlinson, while Salford City Council has granted planning consent to Knight Knox for a 133-apartment tower at Trafford Road.

At the St George’s end of Pomona Island, the Nicol Thomas-designed blocks of 11 and 10 storeys would occupy a site owned by Peel between Hulme Hall Road, and the Manchester Ship and Bridgewater canals. It is understood Peel would sell the site to Rowlinson if planning consent is granted. There would be 80 one-bed, 63 two-bed and 21 three-bed apartments. The designs include car parking, concierge, cycle storage, gym and green roof with solar panels.

The development will front the Manchester Ship Canal and be accessed through the second to bottom railway arch before the Bridgewater Canal.

Pomona Docks was a set of five docks on the Manchester Ship Canal. All the docks were filled after commercial activity ceased at the docks. The area has seen little redevelopment unlike other similar areas in Salford Quays.

Engineer Shepherd Gilmour is advising Rowlinson.

In Salford, the city council has approved a planning application from Knight Knox International for a 133-apartment development of up to 14-storeys.

Knight Knox submitted the planning application in August for a vacant site in Trafford Road, Salford.

The block at 211 Trafford Road, designed by Coda Studios, is a part-eight, part-11 and part-14 storey tower. The flats would range from between one and three bedrooms.

The vacant plot next to the River Irwell is bounded by Trafford Road and Elmira Way and is next to the X1 The Exchange scheme which Knight Knox is delivering in partnership with X1 Developments.

The scheme at 211 Trafford Road will also include a private landscaped courtyard at first floor level and a 2,000 sq ft ground floor commercial unit.

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Ghastly design.All this needs is the Garvey’s sunbathing at the front of it and we have the opening credits to Benidorm.

By Elephant

This is a lost opportunity. Pomona needs a master plan not piecemeal developments of low quality. This looks like it will stymie further development of Pomona by effectively blocking the access at the Manchester end.

By Bradford


By observer

It’s a joke, I hate Peel.

By Yarrum

Appallingly bad.

By Jonty

just shows how risk averse and mean spirited Peel actually are in allowing their professional team to issue massing CGI’s. They hold this region back, rather than drive it forward by their complete lack of speculative investment. Nasty and greedy.

By and

The Knight Knox development however looks very good.

By Yarrum

If there must be development at least make sure it doesn’t look like this! Utterly hideous design – Firstly the scale is completely off for the nature of Pomona, they’ll stand out like a sore thumb.

Secondly not only are the offensive to the eye but they don’t even look particularly current architecturally, they look like the flats thrown up (literally and figuratively) from about 10 years ago – outdated AND ugly, a winning combo from Peel yet again.


What does the GM Combined Authority think they’re playing at by providing loan funding for this scheme? They could easily attach some design quality criteria to submissions for public funding without interfering in the planning process in any way.

By Not Sir Richard Leese

Agree with all the comments above, go past Pomona everyday and daydream about the potential for the site, this design is a nightmare.

By should do better

shockingly bad … building the next generation of slums …

By Norman Davies

A little bit of Russia comes to Manchester.


agree it needs a masterplan by a quality architect.

By NQ2

I think the use of Pomona Island for residential is a great idea, but I do also agree that the aesthetics of this design aren’t great, They remind me of all inclusive holiday resorts. Something a little more natural would have been nice, use of wood cladding? Grass/floral walls perhaps (similar to the new Deansgate-Castlefield Met stop) to add to the natural landscape? Something a bit more creative.

By Francesca

Another jaw droppingly anodyne meaningless block of rubbish. All the platitudes of landscape led development and sensitivity and urban character – lip service! Where are the planners with any backbone, knowledge or vision, in Peel’s pocket like Manchester is to Mansour? This is nothing but environmental pollution at every level, visually, materially, aesthetically, culturally, socially economically. A vandalism to OUR environment, I’m sure you cannot see this from the empty mans golf course littered landscapes of Cheshire. A ‘pipeline’ is indeed the only place for these plans- down to Davyhulme sewage works.

By Cassandra

They wouldn’t even allow this in (Former) East Germany.

By Gert Ridd

Ugh. Too ugly, even for Spanish seaside resorts.

By Benny Dorm & Maggy Luffe