Oldham/Rochdale given £123m for street lighting

Transport Minister Norman Baker has announced £123.1m of Government funding will be made available to improve street lighting in Oldham and Rochdale.

The Private Finance Initiative funding will allow Oldham and Rochdale councils to carry out vital improvements and maintenance to street lighting.

Local residents in Oldham and Rochdale will benefit from:

  • Installation of 38,000 new lighting columns within the first five years
  • Replacement of over 5,000 illuminated traffic signs and bollards
  • Reduction in energy consumption and CO2 emissions
  • State of the art technology for early detection of defective lighting

Baker said: "Good street lighting is vitally important to in reducing road accidents, crime and the fear of crime.

"That is why, despite current financial constraints, we have made £123.1m available to Oldham and Rochdale for this important scheme.

"We will continue to invest in transport infrastructure that improves safety and provides reassurance to local communities.

"We are committed to providing investment for much-needed improvements to our local public services. With budgets being squeezed I am pleased to see Oldham and Rochdale finding ways to make this project happen."
The announcement will allow Oldham and Rochdale to move to the final stages of contractual arrangements and work will begin this summer.

The project includes an initial five year core investment period where the main replacement of lighting stock, traffic signs and street bollards will be undertaken by the service provider with an ongoing 25 year maintenance and repair programme.

Oldham Council and Rochdale Council are promoting this street lighting project jointly. Approximately 80% of the lighting stock across the boroughs will be replaced during the five year core investment period which will bring the whole of the lighting infrastructure up to modern day standards.

The Department for Transport has confirmed more than £430m of Government funding will be made available to improve street lighting in six local authorities including £58.3m in Knowsley, £100.1m in Cambridgeshire, and £151.7m in Croydon and Lewisham.

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People are not contacted by e-on prior to the placement of these huge imposing lights. They are positioned very close to gardens and properties causing sleep disturbance and they are totaly unsightly. They also do not look at an area to inspect if the position will prevent crime. The new lights are being positioned on Harewood Drive in Royton. There is good lighting already in position. However it is the rear of the properties that is unproteceted and has no lighting. This is where the problem lies. The company place the lights where they want. No regard is given to peoples feelings and when asked to place the lights in the original position of the old lights they will not do so. They use the excuse that they have to be in the optimum position. Well it won’t stop the burgalries in my street as it is the back of the properties that has no lighting. It is a waste of money.

By Denise Beasley