The proposals could see 2,000 homes built in Oldham

Oldham rallies for £306m town centre investment

Early-stage proposals from Oldham Council for a £306m town centre regeneration scheme are set to be approved by the cabinet next week.

Under a strategy named ‘Creating a Better Place’, the council would seek to build a new masterplan for Oldham, which would potentially include building 2,000 new homes and regenerating the town centre.

The council is set to approve a capital investment of £102m of its own funds at at a cabinet meeting on 27 January, according to council documents, while a further £204m would be sought from developers and other third parties interested in helping to deliver the project.

The project would form part of the borough-wide Town Centre Vision framework, published last July, which aims to address the challenges faced by Oldham’s town centres and “set out priority areas for regeneration, with housing as the catalyst”, according to the council.

The proposals come as other development projects come to fruition in Oldham, such as the redevelopment of Oldham Town Hall, Oldham Leisure Centre and Parliament Square, as well as work to transform the former Oldham Library into a £13m arts and heritage centre, which is set to commence in the coming weeks.

Other pipeline projects include the construction of a “multi-million pound” eco-park at Alexandra Park as part of the Northern Roots project, unveiled by the council this month, and the refurbishment of Royton Town Hall. The council has also said it is committed to providing a sustainable future for Tommyfield Market, and to becoming the greenest borough in Greater Manchester.

Cllr Sean Fielding, leader of the council, said: “I believe that this refocus of our plans will be revolutionary for Oldham, bringing jobs, homes and investment into our town centre and helping to create a better place to work, live and visit.”



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No more housing until they sort out shops in spindles from all closing down and get Oldham market back so people from all over will come like they do in bury because i would sooner go to Manchester and bury rather than Oldham

By June

Need to attract real jobs into the town! Engineering etc!

By P.D

Oldham was a good place to grow up in, but Oldhams better days are long gone. It`s deprived and beyond repair. That`s why I left.

By Anonymous

How many regenerations has this town centre had? Until they create better paid jobs and people have money to spend, then nothing will change.

By Royton Wragg

Just in time for May’s local elections and labour’s no doubt colourful brochures.

By Paul Martin

HeArd it all before all wind and piss council tax in oldham is more expensive than some parts of London who woud want to live here

By Anonymous

Go and look at bury town centre before you do any thing , thats the town centre we want IF YOU DONT YOU WILL GET IT WRONG AGAIN AS ALWAYS

By Les eyres

Why is that oldham council use slogans like keep it in Oldham when the fact is they use companies from liverpool Yorkshire etc I would have thought there would be contractors within the borough who would love the work just a thought mick parker

By Mick parker

The amount of negativity in the comment section shows how difficult it is to be pro-development in Oldham. Good on the Council for trying to do something positive and move the town forward rather than looking backwards towards a mythologised past.

By Depressed Latic

Bring in proper jobs …engineering etc .
More cctv to protect the borough.
More street tree planting.
Protect the high street shops.

By Oldhamblues