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The Alexandra eco park would occupy land at Snipes Clough

Oldham eco park plans revealed

Dan Whelan

Oldham Council is to submit plans for a “multi-million pound” environmental centre at Alexandra Park as part of its Northern Roots development project.

Phase one of the project will see 160 acres of green space at Snipe Clough, including the current council depot at Alexandra Park, transformed into an urban farm and eco park.

The eco facility will provide office space, operational buildings, greenhouses and storage facilities and serve as a base for enterprises and community projects, under the proposals.

It is part of Oldham’s efforts to become the “greenest borough in the region” and would be powered using a combination of bio-mass and solar energy.

Cllr Sean Fielding, leader of Oldham Council, said: “The centre would…provide employment and enhanced training opportunities. We’re also looking for the centre to have low running costs, which is another bonus.”

Greater Manchester mayor Andy Burnham said during a visit to the site: “In our five-year environment plan we’ve set out our ambition to tackle the effects of climate change and make our city-region carbon-neutral by 2038.

“A vital part of this will be looking at how we can regenerate urban green spaces and put them at the heart of our communities.

“Northern Roots has the potential to transform the way we think about urban green space, not only in Greater Manchester but on a national scale.”

Eco Park

Left to right: Cllr Jabbar, Cllr Fielding, Andy Burnham and Anna da Silva

Cllr Abdul Jabbar, deputy leader of Oldham Council and cabinet member for finance and corporate services, added: “The depot at Alexandra Park is coming to the end of its working life and the new centre would support Northern Roots and put Oldham on the map as a pioneer of new social, environmental and economic ways of working.”

The project team includes architect Walker Simpson, M&E and energy strategy consultant WYG, structural engineers Aecom and Keelagher, and Okey Klein as principal designer.

The plans are to be submitted this week with work expected to start later this year.

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Green washing?

By Graeme Washing

It sounds very interesting. I really hope this comes to fruition.

By Dr William Cook

Another green space taken by buildings and at such great expense,another white elephant shame on you Oldham Council.

By Jules

Why?Do we really need this.How can a place come to the end of its life,why do we need to build on urban spaces,Green is best.All this money and the hospitals are in a mess.You find money for anything except what’s needed.Rant over.

By Anonymous

Waste of money spend the money on the homeless people

By Paul

Meanwhile part of Broadway to be brought into chaos for almost a year in order to build a road from the newly built Foxdenton housing estate in order to bring even more traffic onto the already air polluting arterial main road to M60. Not to mention the proposed trashing of acres of greenbelt to extend Kingsway business park across the M62 and stretching right over to Milnrow bringing ever more traffic onto our already clogged roads. You’re an absolute joke Oldham Council. This expensive project is a drop in the ocean as a means to negate the pollution you create by bringing ever more traffic into the borough. The days when we all drive electric cars are a long, long way off, in the meantime you continually create ever increasing congestion.

By Gill

Money would be spent better by making homes for the homeless

By Doris Humphreys

There needs to be a proper audit of the environmental impact of this proposal over a period of say, 20 years, compared to leaving the site as it is and refurbishing / reusing the existing facilities.

By Anonymous

As a resident that backs onto some of this land, I can’t believe that none of us have been informed off any off this. I’ve looked at some of the plans, urban farm, zip wires, and I would love to know who will use these facilities because we can guarantee it won’t be free to use. This area has a lot of poverty with some of the worst roughest estates in Oldham. Local kids will destroy anything that’s done just like they do now. We don’t want any off this it’s a lovely quiet walking area now that is used by horse riders an dog walkers. Stick ya plans Oldham council an spend the money on new homes that are Needed

By Pat Chadwick