Paul Dennett
City mayor Paul Dennett said the project "is about unlocking opportunities"

Office search begins as Salford bags Govt jobs

Neil Tague

The city could be the big winner in a relocation programme as 1,350 Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy positions are moved out of London, with 400 roles earmarked for Salford.

Place North West understands that no specific office locations have been lined up at this stage, and that the Government Property Agency is expected to work with its panel of advisors to set a plan in motion.

Office agents have greeted the news with optimism, but as one told Place, “it’s too early in the process to say much for certain, although we’ve had initial discussions with landlord clients”.

The city council itself owns 100 Embankment, the 166,000 sq ft block in Greengate completed in summer 2020, which is still vacant.

There is also room within the various buildings coming forward at New Bailey, while one agent pointed out the existing HMRC office off Chapel Street as a potential Government base, HMRC being scheduled to move to its new base at New Bailey early next year.

The Government project is billed as the Places for Growth scheme, with Salford’s allocation of 400 new jobs taking it to 410 roles in the department by 2025.

Other locations including Birmingham, Darlington, Belfast and Edinburgh will see BEIS headcount increase or arrive new, as 30% of the department’s role are relocated from the capital.

In all, 3,000 public sector jobs are being moved as part of the programme, which fits within the Government’s much-vaunted levelling-up agenda.

Salford is also listed as one of the areas expected to benefit from an increase in Home Office personnel, including senior civil service roles.

Paul Dennett, city mayor of Salford, said: “The relocation of jobs to Salford is greatly welcomed and we will work with the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy and the Home Office to make it a local success.

“Relocations are not just about jobs being relocated outside of London, but also making sure that local people benefit the government department’s presence in our city. It is about unlocking opportunities and linking local people, local businesses and educational providers with what is on offer.

“We’re also pleased that the department responsible for areas including business growth, industrial policy, renewable energy, science, research and development, and employment rights will have a significant base in our city and we welcome the opportunity to influencing their decisions and practices as well as the employment opportunities they’ll inevitably provide.”

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Easy to see these jobs going to New Bailey district, great location in the City centre and handy for Spinngfields and St Johns. Looks like the trams are coming too so as as well as Deansgate Station and Salford central that’s a great area for public transport.

By Tufty

There’s enough empty offices around

By Cal

It would be great to see more Grade A offices in Liverpool. That would attract the government jobs the city needs more of. I hope the council are paying attention.

By L17

I think Cal office rents and investors will tell you something very different. Investment means keeping your eye on the future as well and being able to see the trends.

By Anonymous

With a beautiful setting overlooking a tidal river, I am sometimes perplexed as to why Liverpool isnt even an afterthought. Think of the calm and sane setting for workers who now have to work in Salford.

By Liverpool romance

Such a huge development, the first of many government jobs that will come to Manchester, I can see Mayfield being a prime site too once developed. So many new areas being developed for business and attracting so many jobs to the city. No wonder we are crushing every report for cities outside London.

By No RoManc

Salford is fast becoming the second city of the North West after Manchester in first place.

By Anonymous

Salford is rapidly becoming Manchester’s Canary Wharf. It is now time to call Greater Manchester, “The City of Greater Manchester”, making it one entity. This was suggested recently.

By Elephant

More jobs and goodies for Mcr/Salford, levelling up is a total joke, one area gets fattened up while others wait for scraps.

By Anonymous

Anonymous – if you think government investment into Manchester and Salford is a joke, wait til you hear about London

By Anonymous